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    We use Teamspeak3 as our main voice communication. We also use Discord for smaller groups and events, but for large raids and PvP, TS3 just has better voice quality and features.

    Ginnunga Teamspeak 3 - teamspeak.ginnunga.org

    • Connect to the server using the default port
    • User your in-game name as nickname.

    Teamspeak 3 F.A.Q

    How do I connect to the server?

    Method 1:

    • Download and install Teamspeak 3 client
    • Hover over Teamspeak then click Connect to Teamspeak on the left

    Method 2:

    • Start Teamspeak
    • Click Connection -> Connect

          Enter the following data:

    • Serveradress: teamspeak.ginnunga.org
    • Nickname: Your in-game name
    • Port: 9987 (The default port)
    • Click Connect

    How do I switch channels?
    You have to be registered. An officer has to do that for you.

    Don't I need a password?
    No you do not need a password. Upon your first connection, a unique token will be created, this is your key to the server. If you reinstall the program, or if you are on a different machine, you need to copy that token to the other machine. You do this with:
    Settings -> Identities -> Export
    This will save your passkey to an ini file. This file is your "password" - To use this key on another computer, just follow the same steps, but import it instead.

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