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Ginnunga currently use the Voice Communciation software Teamspeak
Ginnunga Voice Servers
We currently have two servers running:
  • Ginnunga Teamspeak 3 - teamspeak.ginnunga.org
    • Connect to the server using the default port
    • User your in-game name as nickname.
  • Ginnunga Teamspeak 2 - teamspeak.ginnunga.org
    • Currently not in use
Teamspeak 3 F.A.Q
How do I connect to the server?
Method 1:
  1. Download and install Teamspeak 3 client
  2. Hover over Teamspeak then click Connect to Teamspeak on the left
Method 2:
  1. Start Teamspeak
  2. Click Connection -> Connect
  3. Enter the following data:
    Serveradress: teamspeak.ginnunga.org
    Nickname: Your in-game name
    Port: 9987 (The default port)
  4. Click Connect
How do I switch channels?
You have to be registered. An officer has to do that for you.

Don't I need a password?
No you do not need a password. Upon your first connection, a unique token will be created, this is your key to the server. If you reinstall the program, or if you are on a different machine, you need to copy that token to the other machine. You do this with:
Settings -> Identities -> Export
This will save your passkey to an ini file. This file is your "password" - To use this key on another computer, just follow the same steps, but import it instead.

Are there any tweaks I should do to Teamspeak?
Check out our Teamspeak Guide

Teamspeak 2 F.A.Q (OLD)
How do I connect to the server?
  1. Start Teamspeak
  2. Click Connection -> Connect
  3. Right click the big white area on the left and choose Add Server
  4. Give that server a name - Ginnunga
  5. Enter the following data:
    Serveradress: Teamspeak.ginnunga.org
    Nickname: Your in-game name
    Check the box Anonymous
    Check the box Auto-Reconnect
    On Nordrassil, you also need a server password that you get from an officer.
  6. Click Connect

How do I switch channels?
You have to be registered. An officer has to allow you to register. When he has flagged you as allowed to register, you choose in the teamspeak menu: Self -> Register with server. Here you enter a username (not the same thing as nickname, but preferably use your ingame name as username) and then a password that isn't mongoloid easy to guess.

When that is done, you are registered and an (R) will appear behind your name. Now we just update our server info with these details - You do not have to reconnect after you input this, it updates instantly. So, do this:
  1. Teamspeak menu Connection-> Connect
  2. Select the server
  3. Check the round box "Registered"
  4. Enter your "Login Name" and "User Password"
  5. Click cancel
  6. Enjoy!

Sound Quality
Make sure your Output volume is set to NORMAL or below.
To do this, open Teamspeak, then choose Settings -> Sound input/output settings and make sure the output volume is at Normal or lower.

Microphone Volume
Please please note that your microphone volume in Teamspeak is NOT adjusted in the program itself - It uses Windows built-in volume controls, so any adjustments to volume inside Teamspeak will only do harm and reduce sound quality

Windows Vista
Right click the little speaker icon next to your clock and choose Recording Devices.

Highlight "Microphone" and click "Properties" in the bottom right corner. - Choose the tab "Levels" and then adjust your microphone volume.

Windows XP
To adjust your Microphone volume in Windows XP, you have to access the RECORDING controls. The simplest way to do that, is to press START and then RUN (or Windows key + R) and then paste in the following: C:\Windows\system32\sndvol32.exe /r then press OK

This will bring up your RECORDING controls, meaning the volume bars for devices that go INTO your computer. For example from your microphone, into your computer (and then out into cyberspace).

It is VITAL to separate your PLAYBACK volume controls, since they adjust what YOU hear, meaning, if you have enabled your microphone to sound in your own speakers, that volume level adjusts what you hear in your speakers. - It is important that this is MUTED, since you don't wanna keep hearing your own voice in speaker/headphones.

To do this, copy paste this and run it: C:\Windows\system32\sndvol32.exe (Notice its the same link, but no /r at the end)

I lost my password
Talk to an officer or leader in-game or through a private message on the forum and they will help you out.

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