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I have read the rules, I am ready to write my application



Ginnunga is playing World of Warcraft on the Nordrassil EU (PvE) server on the Alliance side.

We are a mature and friendly guild. We started on Nordrassil on the 5th of December 2007 and are still going strong. Our officers are Thejudge (guildmaster), Katrinn, Movealongnow, Clintan and Nexave. Our raiding days are Wednesday (20-23), Thursday (20-23) Sunday (20-23) and Monday (20-23) server time. The best thing about Ginnunga is that we are a family, with all the good and bad things that comes with that. Other than that we love to play WoW and we are good at it. The core of our players have been playing together for several years (first Ginnunga started in EverQuest 1999). We are experienced and well geared. To sum it up: We are a friendly raiding guild!


General Rules, Section 1: - Recruitment.

See recruitment section. Only exception to this is members that have been Ginnunga flagged in earlier MMO's we have played.

General Rules, Section 2: - Loyalty.

We expect our members to be 100% loyal to the guild. If you are a member of Ginnunga you are not allowed to join other guilds on your alternate characters. Noone outside the guild may have access to your account. If you leave the guild in anger your rights in the guild will be revoked and never given back. - If you are quitting the game/taking a break, talk to a leader and they will sort things out, quitting the game does not have to mean quitting the guild. To be in the guild is a privilege, if you decide to leave it that privilege is gone forever.

General Rules, Section 3:- Alternate Characters.

We encourage you to play one character only. However, you are allowed to have alternate characters in the guild and you will not be allowed to have alternate characters in any other alliance guild on Nordrassil (with the exception or personal bank guilds)

General Rules, Section 4: - Guildline.

English is the main language of the guild. Please remember that not all have this as their first language, and misunderstandings can occur. So before you think about starting an argument, try to reread the message given and see if there might be a misunderstanding somewhere. We also discourage foul language on the guildline. Cursing is of course allowed, but stay mature. The above mentioned also applies to the guilds Teamspeak channels. If you are on someone elses character, you are required to mention your main character name before you say anything. Example: /gu (Gwarg) Hey guys!

General Rules, Section 5: - Out of guild arguments.

Do not involve the guild in personal problems, for example do not: "If you guys don’t fuck off, I will bring my guild here and KS everyone of ya!" If someone has a problem with you that concerns the guild, please forward them to the leader, who will handle the problem. If you have a problem with someone, discuss it with the guild first before starting a fight. Sometimes things are not as bad as they might occur while you are angry. You have to remember that everything you do with our guildtag attached to your name reflects back on to the guild. Respect the other players you play with and respect your guildmates. Bashing of individuals and/or guilds in any public channels will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

General Rules, Section 6: - Domestic arguments.

Even though we are the best of friends this will happen sooner or later, if this happens do not leave the guild in anger, try to talk it out at first and direct the issue to the leader who will handle the problem. If the problem cannot be solved the leader will take the proper actions.

General Rules, Section 7: - Cheating.

The usage of any form of 3rd party software or service that actively changes gameplay will, if revealed lead to instant and final expulsion from the guild. This does not include legal UI mods. Examples: Macro programs, wallhacks, aimbots, purchase of virtual property/accounts and the likes.

General Rules, Section 8: - Forum.

You are expected to keep up to date with the information in the private WoW forums on this site. Read them at least once every day that you play the game. The forum is the place where the officers spread information vital to your gameplay. Also if you need to be absent for more then a day or two you should if possible inform the rest of the guild by posting on the forum.

General Rules, Section 9: - Voice Chat.

We are using the Teamspeak software in this guild, and you are required to have this installed and properly configured. During guild hosted raids and PvP you are required to be online in Teamspeak and in the appropriate channel. It is also recommended that when you are online in the game, you are online on Teamspeak as well. If you want peace and quiet you can sit in the Silent Channel.

General Rules, Section 10: - Leaving the guild (anti emo rule).

If you declare that you leave the guild in anger, you will have done just so. After leaving the guild, you will never be invited back again under any circumstances.


Loot Rules, Section 1: - Materials.

Sometimes the guild requires special materials. Theese materials must not be sold on the open market, but rather to the guild bank.

Loot Rules, Section 2: - Large raids.

During large raids members are rewarded points based on boss killing attendance to spread loot evenly within the guild. Loot rules can be found within the private forums, visible to members.

Loot Rules, Section 3: - Alternative Characters.

Main characters always goes over alternative characters in groups - Need (main character need) goes before greed, always and forever. Addendum to rules: Any attempts of sidestepping, bending or avoiding the rules will be considered as breaking them.

Loot Rules, Section 4: - Dictator loot.

Some items may be restricted from certain classes/specs. Sometimes specific items are defaulted to specific members in the interest of increasing the guilds progress. The enforcing of this rule is solely up to the guild leader.

Code Phrase:

New applicants should use the code phrase at the end of the "anything to add" section of there application to show that they have read the rules.

The phrase is "Koju Likes Sambucca"

Current recruitment desirability:

Resto Druid - High
Boomkin Druid - Med
Feral Druid - Med
Holy Paladin - Med
Retribution Paladin - Med
Protection Paladin - Med
Holy Priest - Med
Shadow Priest - High
Resto Shaman - High
Enhancement Shaman - low
Elemental Shaman - low
Warlock - High
Mage - low
Rogue - low
Fury Warrior - Med
Protection Warrior - High
Hunter - Med[/color]
Death Knight dps -Med
Death Knight tank - High

If you do not belong to a class that we need, but you are a totally outstanding player and a friendly person, don't hesitate to send an application anyway, as we are always looking for experienced people that want something more out of the game.

Other requirements:

Ginnunga is a guild that is targetting end game content. Therefore we are not recruiting players below level 85 for the simple reason that if you are below level 85 you will not be able to raid with us. We are looking to recruit you as a member of the long term guild that is Ginnunga. We have been active in many different mmo's for over 10 years and on Nordrassil for nearly 3 years. So we place alot of focus on you and how you work together with our members. The chemistry in the guild is very important. Because of this we also have a quite long recruitment process to make sure that the chemistry is good.

Raid Times and Attendance:

Our current raid times are. Sunday 20.00-23.00 (Invites 19.45) Monday 20.00-23.00 (Invites 19.45) Wednesday 20.00-23.00 (Invites 19.45) Thursday 20.00-23.00 (Invites 19.45)

To become a full member you will be expected to attend 75% of these raids during your trial period.

Please do not apply if you will be unable to meet this requirement.

Beside that, you should also:
  • Be at least 20 years of age as we are a mature guild.
  • You need to have Teamspeak3 installed, a working microphone, a solid connection and a good computer.
  • Be prepared to have an interview on Teamspeak prior to your invite.
  • You enjoy playing the game and are commited to it and the guild.
  • Enjoy your class and strive to excel at playing it.
  • You are prepared for raids (e.g bringing consumables and reading tactics).
  • Being able to focus for several hours straight and also keeping the AFK time down.

I fit the criteria, ready to write an application for Nordrassil!

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