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  1. What are you going to play now that you beat BDO? 😁
  2. Hmm I can't access that link Cog.. I don't think it matters what server we roll on, might as well stay on Shazzrah. The others will fill up too with new players, they will most likely all be high pop servers. And who gives a damn if a server has a larger proportion of swedes or dutch or english or marsian. There will be more than enough english-speakers to play with. Main thing is we can play together and pick up people on the way.
  3. Macco

    WoW: Classic

    The guild charter is 10s, I think you need 10 signatures to start a guild. Tabard cost 10g to create and 1g to buy.
  4. I put Horde Only, but it's more like Horde Preferrably. I know Horde side, I'm pretty much "fluent" in all their quests, know what to do, where to go etc. @Tumble Horde is usually the underdog and considered a little harder to play in PVE due to class differences with Paladin vs. Shaman, and some special racial/class talents that are specific to each faction. Other people I know are also going Horde.
  5. Macco

    WoW: Classic

    I will be rolling a Warrior either Troll or Orc and side level an Undead Mage. I plan on tanking mainly and using the mage for farming and utility and a 2nd set of professions. The servers will be released on the 13th of Aug from what I have heard, you can then go in and reserve your name if you have an active sub to WoW. We should set up a discord so we can organize ourselves, our friends and whoever we want to play with. Would be sweet if we could all get on the same server atleast.
  6. Macco

    WoW: Classic

    This is me rn on Lightshope Private Server. Im really debating if I will be able to chose anything else than mage at the moment. It's just so freaking convenient to be able to make water/food, portals, AOE farm, the utility with Polymorph, frost nova, slows.. The buttons are a bit messed up since I play it from 2 computers and stuff gets moved around a bit since they dont have the exact same UI.
  7. Macco

    WoW: Classic

    Did you just edit it from 17 to 18 to look better??
  8. Macco

    WoW: Classic

    Your lvl 16 druid is a rookie number, hush lowbie!
  9. Macco

    WoW: Classic

    Hello everyone! I was surprised I couldn't find a thread about WoW Classic on the MMO section. Perhaps there is no interest or perhaps it's too soon to talk about it, I don't know. Anyway. I am super hyped. So hyped I actually leveled up a Mage on a Private server to satisfy my needs. I was wondering if Ginnunga plans on starting a guild once Classic hits the shelves? I'd really like to play with you guys, but if you aren't I will probably look elsewhere for one. Once it goes live it will be my main game for sure. For those interested it would be cool to start a discussion about what you plan to play and at what level of commitment you'll be putting in. For me the optimal situation would be to level as a duo or trio for the fun factor. I did my current 1-60 almost completely solo, quite enjoyable, but I missed the social aspect of the game. Once 60 I would love to do some "casual" raiding and premade PVP. Anyway, thoughts and comments appreciated! Much love, Maco.
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