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  1. Hello Back to 0 cant find a way to get rid of so many errors and corruption files. After downloading win10 iso file and using it, at a certain phase got an error, so i was unable to proceed. Just getting out of solutions for my actual knowledge and seriously looking forward for somone volunteer to spend some hours at my side to bring life back again to my computer. Teamspeak and teamviewer up to team up, let me know if anyone with good knowledge on computers hardware/software ! Best regards! lKuB
  2. after 3 days and many hours of research on web, i got it work! 217 updates! but still no win 10 for the moment, i'll wait till the end of all updates and re-download Win10 iso fille. this was worst then 12 hrs non stop grinding ! Feeling really tired and 3 days without playing is making me sad :/ Thanks to all of you who helped me or gave me some sugestions, i'll keep you in my .
  3. downloading, will come up later, i wont sleep till i get this shit solved. Did re-install computers many times but never had this problem before. Just forces me to say that MS forces ppl to get window 10 by avoiding them to get thru win7 updates and other stuff related to win 7
  4. have no blank dvd's only have this one and 1 tera disk, the one i 've its a spaceloop by OnMemory 16gb
  5. i did have win 10 since it came out till now. but i wanted to go back to win 7, but since i cant get past sp1 im deciding to get win 10 again
  6. Thanks for both replys and helping me. atm im trying to update some drivers and follow the advice to run a fix. After fix still get 1 error.
  7. and.... after download im keeping getting errors, in this case ( 0xC1800103 - 0x90002) Wich means even if i want to create USB flash or ISO file... If i decide to stay with win 7, look like i cant get it work properly because for some reason i cant install windows updates properly.
  8. Atm is hard to mark all errors i got on these last 3 days but everytime was during windows updates, atm im at win 7. will go for my 4th day and still no hope, its probably the 5th time im downloading win 10 ...
  9. Hello, As title says, i would appreciate some help of some expert geeknunga's over there! I was with win 10 and decide to format my pc and do some clean instalation, but things went wrong it looks like i cant go back to win 10 and staying with win7 doesnt let me install some updates like SP1 or others. Dont know what to do anymore, i started to do this at 28 Nov and at 30 Nov im on the same i point i was on 1st day i stated. I've an original licence for win7 home premium and should let me go thru win10, but for some reason im always getting errors by the end of win 10 download or when i start to install it. Looks im going to miss server merge (( HELP! I even throw a S.O.S bottle to the ocean!
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