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    For now, BDO <3 Study and have fun in life.

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  1. Kookie Monster

    Bless Online

    Peon will make a video in a few months why he suddenly does like the combat system. I just hope this game is gonna be for real b2p, but I expect p2w .
  2. I work at night. I'm mostly playing during daytime now.
  3. Kookie Monster

    Conan Exiles

    I'm waiting for the big updates with the fighting system etc.
  4. That would be awesome if I could have one. ^^ Ty <3
  5. The PubG part is for free. ^^ It is pretty nice and interesting. Gonna wait till the pve releases for free too. 7 days to die is a bit bland.
  6. Us Gingers will take over the world slowly. Signs are there, can't be stopped anymore. It's time...
  7. If you missed the deal Gromky posted, Borderlands 2 + DLC and Borderlands 2 TPS + DLC are on sale again through Steam with a very good discount.
  8. Kookie Monster

    Project TL

  9. Kookie Monster

    Star Citizen!

    If i decide to join on this. What ship would be good to have and be actually helpful with?
  10. I might be getting this game somewhere next month as well. I'll jump in TS when I play.
  11. I'll wait a day more or so, else I'll e-mail them. Haven't gotten anything.
  12. Looks fun. I've signed up for the beta, didn't get a confirmation e-mail though. Did you get one Kunasha?
  13. I saw this morning. I've played when they had that beta test phase, not much content at that time. Glad I can try it some more this weekend.
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