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  1. Thanks everyone for the replys! @Ernesto- Haha aye maybe I`ve not really play black desert online yet. Not sure when i can buy it to try it. I did not like Trails of Atlantis, that killed DAOC to be honest. I left after TOS.
  2. A little about my MMO history, I`ve played MMO games in 97 with UO and have not stopped since. The game i stayed with the longest is DAOC on the Kay server. Even thou i was HIB side and from y`alls history timeline you were MID, we can still grab a beer and talk about old war storys sometime I`ve played Shadowbane,AC,AO,EQ2,WOW,ESO and so many it would take to long to name lol. Know a little about my life in general I`m 29, with a wife and 1 son. I`m part of a gaming network that does podcasting and streaming,game reviews etc. I do the Game reviews and streaming. I`m from NA but i work odd hours so i end up on the EU time zones most of the time. I hope to get to know you all and be part of this community in the long term. Thanks for reading this What games do you all play and plan to play?
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