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  1. Season 2 is confirmed to be 8 episodes! Can't wait!
  2. Liannae

    Ashes of Creation

    They are going to expand the team the upcoming few quarters according to one of the Kickstarter streams They started around 12 working on the project, aiming for 40 by the end of the year or something...I will try to dig the info up once I have the time . (edited numbers...I was totally wrong ) edit 2: found the video when he is first talking about the staff (and numbers): video 14:00
  3. Liannae

    Ashes of Creation

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/14luppZ3Ub8jmcw_aK65QWxYY4xa8qAo9zRfpYWBxOXE/edit#heading=h.hzf0fbctpcd2 Found a very detailed document with all the known information about the game so far. It's very detailed and getting updated frequently.
  4. Liannae

    Ashes of Creation

    Hoping is the word I have been looking for!!! ps.: they are aiming for a hybrid combat system (action combat with a few tab-targeting elements)
  5. Liannae

    Ashes of Creation

    Pretty good for a pre-alpha game imo. (Obviously it has been edited, and has cinematic angles in the previous video...but it's definitely (scripted) in-game footage ) The rogue teaser made me check out all the videos/infos out there about this game... I am very optimistic (HYPED!!!!). They have a bunch of good ideas and a supporting community behind them. (in just under 12 hours they acchived their kickstarter goal of 750,000$ and now theyve surpassed 1,8 million in donations with still 20 days remaining...) I hope they keep feeding us with information about this "genre changing MMORPG" (*khm*ambitious*khm*). More than 2 years...thats a lot of time anyways
  6. Liannae

    Ashes of Creation

    Damn the hype is real.... Can't wait! I also share my referal link https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/ds35422/
  7. Liannae

    Ashes of Creation

    During the official Kickstarter they have those regular livestreams (and vods) Mondays 3:00 PM PDT Wednesdays 3:00 PM PDT Fridays 3:00 PM PDT
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