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  1. Chasin

    Apex Legends

  2. Chasin

    Apex Legends

    Some good clips in here: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/plays-of-the-week-mar-1?isLocalized=true
  3. Chasin

    Apex Legends

    I really agree with this video that APEX made a big mistake with designing characters:
  4. Chasin


    I wish I could play this game... But it is just unplayable for me. Constant stutters. Tried some "fixes", nothing helps. I guess my PC is just getting too old for these new games.
  5. Chasin

    Twitch clips

    Meilink Melee's them all:
  6. Chasin


    I agree with both statements And it is really hard to manage projects over teamspeak with everyone having their own project.
  7. Chasin


    Planning is 9PM Ern. So he is right if hes from the UK ^^
  8. Chasin


    ATLAS‏ @sailtheatlas 16 min.16 minuten geleden Meer Pathfinders, we expect early streaming of ATLAS to start this evening at approx 9:00 PM PST. Following that, the game will be ready for full Early Access Launch tomorrow by noon PST. We'll keep you updated should there be any changes. Thank you for your patience and support So that's tomorrow at 21:00 ERN Source: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas/status/1076212633441832964
  9. Chasin


    I honestly would not count on it. And be happy if it does anyway ^^
  10. Chasin


    So they can confirm to the devs that their servers are shit so they can delay their game to 2019.
  11. Chasin


    You still did not get your key as content creator? 😮
  12. Chasin

    Forum Update incomming.

    I was trying to use my original username which always worked before the update.
  13. Chasin


    Game will be released at 21th of december. 200.000 people were already watching on Twitch, for them to just drop another teaser at the end of the timer XD
  14. Chasin


    2 years
  15. Chasin


    Yesterday according to steam it would release at about 18:00. Now the time remaining for release on steam is not showing anymore.