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  1. Just here to flex 💪 got my first ever lvl 100 and 40/40 challenges. Was a great league! looking forward to the next.
  2. Chasin


    I'd try it if I would get in beta, But my luck in getting into beta's seem non excistent the last years.
  3. I expect you'll get 7 more of those cards before the new season?
  4. Chasin

    Grim Dawn

    It's good that you are following a build with a leveling guide atleast. I'd expect you got a few more skills by now ^^
  5. Chasin

    Grim Dawn

    Just a heads up, I thought the game was a bit cluncky at the beginning. But after pushing through the beginning stages I really started to appreciate the game. So give the game some time if you feel the same ^^ Have fun!
  6. Chasin

    Grim Dawn

    My advice for any action rpg is to follow a build so you can learn the game with a build that you know that works. also there is a few video's out there that will help you in the beginning, like where to find good starting weapons.
  7. Yea my league's will never be as good as the one I got headhunter belt. That belt is just so much fun to play with,
  8. You are not hyped for some failstacking?!
  9. An follow up of black desert has been revealed by Pearl Abyss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwU6pzsY9XQ edit: why is the youtube video just a link and not a video -.-
  10. No thank you, I trust you pigs
  11. Don't let these pigs ruin your fun tony! If you love it, you should watch episode 3!
  12. Chasin


    Well, only video I could quickly find. But the game was not actually released yet when he made that video. And yea if you want yet another copy paste of auto chess this is not the game for you. It's very much hearthstone with elements of auto chess, which I personally really enjoy.
  13. Chasin


    They just released a new game mode called "battlegrounds". It's currently in beta but available to play. It's basicly a mix of hearthstone and autochess. I personally really enjoy it and got me launching the game again for the first time in years.
  14. I might give it a try. Depending on how busy ill be. Haven't seen anything about the league mechanics yet though.
  15. Chasin

    WoW: Classic

    Yes we have a full Ginnunga guild going. Clearing current content in 1 evening. Playing on Shazzrah horde.
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