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  1. Did they fix the FPS problems yet?
  2. You can create a registered player group but you all need to play together. It's one step to creating a player run minor faction. I've been looking at this recently for a group of local friends I play with.
  3. I did wonder if it was possible to land ON things
  4. I might give this a bash as you both seem to have a good opinion of it
  5. Marakai

    Rocket League

    You can play cross platform but you can't party up cross platform. Which is a bit unfortunate
  6. So many tempting offers! But I'm afraid I will have to decline. Except Joe, come see me later
  7. So, does anyone want to buy my 1080?
  8. So I take the following from this; It's still not quite there, BUT, it's getting close. Intel *have* to react to this because their recent releases have been disappointing and expensive. Lower prices and a competitive industry will benefit the consumer base extraordinarily in the CPU market. So, grats AMD, you did what you needed to do this time but don't stop now, you're not quite finished yet.
  9. Marakai


    Had a thrash at this last night. Plays very much like a board game rather than settlers. Didn't get very far, but it's not "easy". It's not particularly hard either, but the AI seems on point. Looking forward to their multiplayer addition. Few points below; Given that every game has multiple victory conditions, not just "kill everything", this presents a challenge. Certain features on the map can make/break your entire game. Being a defensive pacifist is therefore not an option. You gain people over time based on food and happiness, this slows growth and adds strategy. Growth is VITAL. Losing 10 days to your next settler in the early game will put you behind massively. Balancing your economy for the seasons is *extremely* important. You can't just make a massive army and win. You starve to death. You can only expand via "Colonisation" which costs food. This prevents overspread and early land grabbing. You can only build a limited number of buildings per territory (for example, your starting territory you can build 4). This means you *must* expand, or DIE. All in all I think the game is really well thought out so far, I'm looking forward to it being completed.
  10. Still waiting for the independent benchmarks before I get on board. I used to be a fan of AMD, but they do have a habit of benching only to their strengths and using a lot of the marketing power to blow wind up your ass with regards to their performance. I hope it's not the case this time. Intel needs some serious competition on the desktop market. The product hasn't really changed in 3 years and the price is astronomical, I seriously hope AMD come through this time.
  11. Personally I much prefer ARK to Conan in its current form. If you liked Conan then you'll like ARK in my opinion.
  12. Timing is everything. Hack and slash doesn't work. Game appears small, but there's a surprising amount of strategy required. I really liked playing the beta.
  13. 1st thing to try is to disable Windows Firewall on all machines. If you're behind an internet router, it's not necessary to have this switched on anyway. 2nd problem could be the NAT of your router. When you connect out, it will give you a random port and connect back in on a specific port. This port will then be mapped to forward to a particular machine. When the second person tries to connect, the same thing happens, except the port is already mapped. When the first person attempts to connect back to the second, they end up connecting to themselves (which gets rejected). This is typically bad coding on part of the game developer but also a problem with NAT itself. A lot of modern router software fixes this by virtualising the port and looking at header information before re-forwarding, but not everything supports it. EDIT: You can try and fix the NAT problems by configuring NAT Reflection. Although a lot of off-the-shelf routers you buy from store or get given by your ISP don't allow this kind of setup. But if you can the settings are: 1. NAT Reflection Mode - PURE 2. Enable NAT Reflection for 1:1 mapping - OFF 3. Enable automatic outbound NAT Reflection - ON If you have to set specific interfaces ensure you select both LAN and WAN. Another thing that might also help is to disable Large Packets (also called Huge Packets) and to set your MTU to below 1500 (1492 is the generally accepted max in UK)
  14. Marakai

    Conan Exiles

    I'm actually really glad they recognised this and decided to deal with it early. I was a bit disappointed with their choice of PingPerfect as they were well known for being, well, bad. Hope they get a decent provider next time round
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