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  1. Zapfcarn

    Twitch clips

    I noticed on Meilinks channel that you made some clips of him. How do you make clips/save streams when youre not an affiliate?
  2. Im planning on investing in this one once I get my stream running properly.
  3. Im also playing this game. origin name is Zapfcarn
  4. Zapfcarn


    Im playing it, Zapfcarn ingame. Pretty fun
  5. Zapfcarn

    Ashes of Creation

    This game looks really cool
  6. I have it too. Should I play through it one time first? Or do people want a full grp run through together first? Im up for anyone of those. I played borderlands2 ALOT and loved it. Loved the atmosphere of the game!!!
  7. Zapfcarn

    Dark and Light

    Looks interesting. Not much info so far tho, only pretty graphics and no gameplay yet
  8. Ive had the dk2 since it was released and my favorite games to test out with it has always been Elite: Dangerous & Ark survival evolved. Its really the sense of scale that makes VR cool and those two games really shows it off.(T-rex in your face is pretty darn cool!!!!) Calyn: Did you try any VR before you got your vive? Ive been trying to find out how much of a difference the visual quality is between the final versions & my dk2 but very few talk properly about it(atleast that I have found)
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