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  1. Tangha


    i was hoping we got more months added to the year! age slower... all kinds of advantages
  2. Tangha


    11/15/2019 what month is month 15? decemberRRR?
  3. Tangha

    Path of Exile

    killed uber elder in the last league twice and got mega bored after that. Will probably not play soon again
  4. Tangha

    Top 3% in the world!!

    1ller has a black heart
  5. Tangha

    Apex Legends

    gromk you are a D in the tittle
  6. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    ground control to major cog take your mouse and put your vr helmet on
  7. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    yes. recognizing revenue is just book keeping.
  8. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    new revenue: easiest way is from people buying the game after it has been released. the preorders will be recognized as revenue after you ship the game
  9. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    also... i heard snake lotions is good to put on my skinnz.. where can i get me some
  10. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    At inventing? maybe at running a business, no
  11. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    Aye. Just like Tesla. Burned more cash and is still not profitable. When people believe them and buy the ships, they help the cashflow. Nothing wrong with that? If they get their act together, release and start to get revenue it will be all fine! Big IF though
  12. Tangha


  13. Tangha

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    sounds too good to be true ubisoft!
  14. Tangha

    Meet Bella, my kitten! :D

    .... that pic from outdoors and bella looking in camera.... im in love i think thanks man!
  15. Tangha

    Meet Bella, my kitten! :D

    I need an update pic!