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  1. i think i was playing this game wrong before... mastery rank is not that important. I make a thing really good now, instead of just leveling items for the sake of MR. My mesa prime and saryn prime are omgamazing. Minmaxing a few frames is fun.
  2. playing again as well, finally made a saryn prime... much fun
  3. playing this league as well. still need a guild invite
  4. Tangha

    Grim Dawn

    Made me smile
  5. Tangha


    could have spelled it with a C :p
  6. Tangha

    Apex Legends

    progamer? progromker!
  7. i was hoping we got more months added to the year! age slower... all kinds of advantages
  8. 11/15/2019 what month is month 15? decemberRRR?
  9. killed uber elder in the last league twice and got mega bored after that. Will probably not play soon again
  10. 1ller has a black heart
  11. Tangha

    Apex Legends

    gromk you are a D in the tittle
  12. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    ground control to major cog take your mouse and put your vr helmet on
  13. Tangha

    Star Citizen!

    yes. recognizing revenue is just book keeping.
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