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  1. Tangha

    New World MMO

    no time for an MMO man 😐
  2. /pet yes you did Ern! cool thanks its building
  3. ern or you? i dont know who can edit ranks. ern is a general, you are a rank lower "officer" i know officer can build rooms
  4. Could someone please log in and promote me to rank where I can edit the dojo? Need to build the new lab.
  5. started playing this again, they have reworked... a lot of things since a year ago. guns actually kill things now, imagine that
  6. you could try grinder. its a follow-up game, completely different story mode and objectives!
  7. it is a tough game mode in a tough game
  8. 4? years and 130 or so restarts later.... legend ironman xcom2
  9. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105670/The_Last_Spell/ 10/10 will play again. mix between they are billions, xcom & c&c its a hard game, you need to survive 12 nights with your base center in tact. Each time you lose you start at night 1, however there is currency and "achievements" that carry on through, making each later settlement defence easier.
  10. Tangha

    New World MMO

    wow looks fantastic! cant wait for 2006 to play it!
  11. never played so long... hit lvl 98. best char i ever made. SO TANKY and MILLIONS OF FUN DAMAGE 37/40 the feared down. Now that is a fight
  12. its a fun game minor bugs for me, like not being able to loot a corpse every now and then
  13. will wait for the definitive edition
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