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  1. i dont have rights to build anything i dont know how many mats it takes but the game is interesting to me ATM, so hope someone can start the build. need my spaceship
  2. the new expansion looks really good visually pretty cool launch event back playing this again, can someone log on and make a ship yard or whatever
  3. harvest started off kind of bad... But then... it is _the_ best items league ever for me. I created stuff that was worth mirrors in the previous leagues. FUN! 36/40, so i think im done
  4. so... then this. because i was bored
  5. Tangha


    what happens when you combine cs, apex and overwatch? a boring.
  6. what i wrote made no sense indeed. CoC is indeed almost rocket science and needs a lot of currency whatever i did to improve my dps was pure luck after reading many many guides... CoC is really fun and really squishy
  7. decided to roll an assasin coc. i spent an entire day trying to figure out why my build sucked compared to all the videos and guides... I have better gear!!! - more increased - more more - more crit - more of effing everything really i dont get it. And then: equip a normal ice nova, not a vaal ice nova now everything is kind of "boom headshot" i was quite amused
  8. im either done with the league or maybe try to make ice shot / barrage work. Legion still best league ever
  9. yea, he routinely gets 600k es 😛
  10. Ya, map sustain is great. Killed the boss on 7 before patch and several times on 8 after patch. No drops 😛 but with the new drops from awakener you can get t19 maps? so you can level 99-100 in an hour or so
  11. league is kind of fun, very many insta gibbed mechanics. they replaces shaper / elder / uber elder map mechanism with a rather buggy system and an end boss that is only really doable if you do not die once in the fight. getting back to the fight after death is random af. do not liek,
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