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  1. Tangha

    Lost Ark

    yeah i got it gifted, now lets see if i will be able to play. Do we have a server picked?
  2. Tangha

    Lost Ark

    cannot get the game in the netherlands guess no lost ark for me
  3. Tangha

    Lost Ark

    are there servers etc? if so which server we go on?
  4. this setup needs more cow bell
  5. Tangha

    Lost Ark

    played it a bit think i will play this when it comes out, looks fun. I have a thing for south korean games.
  6. so expensive it broke the internetz
  7. Tangha

    Diablo 2R

    have fun. remakes are ... usually not re-fun for me
  8. sounds like a machine in the hospital. I like how portable it is.
  9. Tangha

    New World MMO

    no time for an MMO man 😐
  10. ern or you? i dont know who can edit ranks. ern is a general, you are a rank lower "officer" i know officer can build rooms
  11. Could someone please log in and promote me to rank where I can edit the dojo? Need to build the new lab.
  12. started playing this again, they have reworked... a lot of things since a year ago. guns actually kill things now, imagine that
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