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    Yo Tang come play!
  2. You wouldn't say it's a gimmick if you tried it! Besides Vive is probably 20% of the market (not counting phone VR), just because HTC is struggling doesn't really mean anything. With Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft in the race it isn't going anywhere.
  3. That's pretty expensive considering the rift is still 400 with the controllers, better hardware and more games. And anyone getting the Vive now is crazy, you pay double for nothing extra quite the opposite actually. You'll get used to the sim sickness. it shouldn't be called motion sickness you're not moving just do not push through. When you start getting queasy take a small break and start again later, and it will quickly go away completely. Personally I don't like watching movies on the rift, resolution just isn't there, but for games it's so much better than flat games.
  4. If you have a headset go play Lone Echo right now. I just finished it last night and i'm going for a 2nd play through it's soo good. The presence and the graphics are intense and the chick Liv feels so real. I've been gaming for 30 years ish and it's one of the most incredible games i've ever experienced. I'll prove it to you if you come to Brussels! While i don't agree necessarily with the clickbait title here's a decent article about it: http://www.techradar.com/news/lone-echo-should-do-for-vr-what-mario-64-did-for-nintendo-send-it-stratospheric 4players.de gave it 86% and they usually are pretty critical. [EN] In game footage.
  5. Is it really wireless if they just moved the cable to the mouse pad?
  6. i don't get this show at all. i couldn't even finish the first episode.
  7. It's not just about resolution though. Refresh rate, persistance, optics and ergonomics are equally important if not more important. If the balance isn't right it will make you sick it's not just a screen. There's a few higher res (then rift/vive) headsets out there but everything besides res is garbage. Can HDMI 2.0 even carry 2 x 1440x1400 pixels at 90hz ? i can't wait to see if they pull off the inside out tracking, but the 300$ "Mixed reality headset" looks disappointing, it says "for the microsoft store bullcrap" and at that price we'll have to see what the specs are like. And it says the Acer 2x 1440x1400 sceen (the "panoramic headset") won't be available to the public? that's theme park ride material. No mention of controllers on either of them either. Certainly not worth waiting 6 months ! Did you try an Oculus rift yet Kunasha ? They have a hololens at work, i played with it awhile, the AR thing is interesting but i wasn't impressed. Why would you want to superimpose your movies or emails to your walls when you could be somewhere interesting instead.
  8. Both of those are above recommended spec. It's close to what I use (6600k +1080) and it destroys every game. I supersample most games at 1.2x. Min spec is i5-4590 + 1060 (https://support.oculus.com/help/oculus/170128916778795/). The only thing you have to watch for is that mobile GPUs are no go, but these are both full sized desktop chips. And you need an HDMI + 2 or 3 USB 3.0. If you want first hand experience with that specific PC ask on /r/oculus but i see no reason why it wouldn't run admirably.
  9. 2nd gen isn't coming anytime soon, they said as much. Not for AT LEAST another year. Whatever their reason it's the perfect time to pick one up ! If you can find one, it's sold out in a lot of places. If you have any doubts just go read some first impressions on /r/Oculus. Or come to Brussels and I'll make you a demo, you honestly won't believe how good it is!
  10. Quick video of this new open beta. Ever seen Ender's game ? Specifically the 0G game, well this is it. It's only my 2nd game so i'm completely terrible but it's really immersive. Not sure why i seem to always look down..
  11. Day9 looks so swell with a pink shirt and tie. Should i buy this game? I'm not really a fps guy but this seems interesting!
  12. Yea sorry for the head moving around so much i should try to stabilize my head when i record But ingame it feels completely natural. And yea these asymmetric co-op games are great fun, even with randoms. A full ginnungan crew would be even more awesome! A pvp MMO based on asymmetric co-op would be fucking unreal. It will blow your mind. not exaggerating. I think MediaMarkt has promotions for bundles (rift + touch), at least they did last week but not sure if they have those in the UK. It's really fun and those weren't the most interesting missions, the scripted missions are more intense. It actually is fairly tactical, signature management requires allot of crew coordination but these missions we didn't care about our sig.
  13. Made a video of my playthrough tonite if anyone is interested. That was a random mission and a challenge, not the scripted missions. The first half is on the Entreprise, as you can see it's really ghetto. Then i go on the Aegis which looks cool as hell! https://youtu.be/jtJ_lW6u6F0 Video should be ready in about an hour it's uploading now.
  14. The bundle is down to 500euros now! I payed 800. And fallout4 VR is coming this summer. It's going to be fucking amazing I'm so pumped.
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