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  1. Ashelor

    Lost Ark

    So are there any plans to make a Ginnunga guild in Lost Ark, make it an official game? I've been catching up on my Lost Ark news last few weeks, been watching every decent video i could find, some interviews with top PvE and PvP players and everything i can see screams this is a good online RPG (wouldnt call it Massive Multiplayer online). Closed beta will start 04/11 and will last until 11/11 (so a full week), i will be playing it for sure as i want to try a couple of classes before deciding a main, also wanna test PvP a bit (it mostly takes place as 3v3 arenas). There are currently sign ups available, but buying any of the founders packs guarantees access, and cheapest one is 15$.
  2. Ashelor


    Wow, they must really be proud of themselves... Bullying an anorexic dragon the poor thing
  3. Well last night was interesting.... For some reason Chimp kept flinging poo all over the place
  4. Sure, once i get home from work. Is there a Ginnunga squad or are you just playing solo?
  5. Derp, enjoyed first one for about 2-3 hours playing solo. Then it got real boring real fast, but i love anything Warhammer so might give it a try just cause of IP.
  6. I'm playing this on PS4, wouldn't mind some company for High Rank hunts, I can handle pretty much everything solo but it's fun to strategise with a buddy. I'm rank 14 atm, "stuck" on quest where i have to kill Vaal Hazak, Kushala Daora and Teostra, mainly due to not having motivation to tackle them as I've been grinding Nergrigante so i can craft a bunch of rank 7 Nergal weapons. PSN: Ashelor
  7. Ashelor


    So any news regarding release date? I can't find any info anywhere
  8. Been playing GW2 for 2 months now and it's mindblowing how much game improved in last 3 years since i stopped playing. Just unlocked griffon 2 days ago, super fun mount Is there a Ginnunga guild still "alive" in GW2? I'm on Gandara and I've been guildless since i came back 'cause i just CBA looking for one atm (with Destiny 2 coming out so soon).
  9. I bought D1 with the Taken king expansion, and it is universally agreed that with release of Taken King D1 became game worth playing. So I'm lucky in a way that i wasnt scarred by what was obviously bland and boring vanilla experience. D1 stayed in my memory as extremely fun game, and only reason i stopped playing it was because of some drama that soured the end of my D1 experience and i quit because i didn't have any1 to play with. Luckily D2 is coming on PC, so I started a clan with few of my buddies, if anyone wants to join us for some fps diablo in space send me your bungie id (with the number) and I'll sort you an invite. Plan is to enjoy the game, no rushing or anything. Every1 finishes story at their own pace. Once thats done we do ALL THE THINGS! so... Strikes/Nightfall/Crucible/Trials whatever catches our fancy, and when the raid getsreleased we tackle it as well. Raids in D1 stayed with me as one of the most fun gaming experiences in any game, and I'm really looking forward to see what they did with Leviathan raid in D2.
  10. It's been a while since season 2.... But you never know with anime
  11. You have no idea haha, for first few hours it felt like i was drowning in the screen Hate to be in debt, I always try to avoid buying on credit cards or on loans unless it's some utterly critical thing we really need. So the only way for me to get some "luxury" item like this monitor is to start saving up. Also the upside is, it gave me just enough time to acclimate my wife to the idea of a 1200+ Euro monitor XD
  12. Also bought Predator X34A last week, it took me almost a year to save up for it tho Started saving like 70-80ish Euros each month around time i quit BDO. Seeing vid Fastas filmed during one siege made me fall in love with 21:9 aspect ratio, and then ofc all you lucky guys living in proper countries buying Predators and PG348Qs left and right, and praising them All things considered it was time for an upgrade anyway, I was using a 7 years old Samsung 21' full HD monitor So far i love it, no dead pixels, clocks perfectly, bit BLB in corners but i was expecting it, and tbh i don't notice it while gaming. Now it's time to start saving up for a new PC build sometime next summer xD GTX 770 is feeling the pain of powering this monitor hahaha
  13. Ashelor


    I'm confused... on that graphic overhaul vid (lovely stylised graphics imo), it said Pre-Alpha footage, so game isnt even in alpha yet?
  14. Ashelor

    Ashes of Creation

    It looks ambitious, but seems they really need to expand their team to make this happen tbh. Even then, realistically game seems at least ~3 years away.
  15. Ashelor

    Destiny 2

    I'll be playing for sure, loved original Destiny, just not sure if ill play on ps4 or PC
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