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  1. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    Targetmemore reserved - Undead Priest ~ Shazzrah Tailoring/enchant probably ( We maybe should now make a poll to have an idea of everyone' profession, so we can try to be a bit complementary and autonomous )
  2. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    I wont be able to reserve my name since i m on hollydays untill 24/08.. I fear that they set a number max of slots allowed on servers and i can t create on same server as everyone... someone know ? I also wouldnt be fked if they block cration of faction to balance both sides ( even if the risk to see horde more numerous than alliance is very improbable )
  3. In the end we got a decent number of players ! A class pool would be really usefull now, i want to play a class usefull for the clan and i dont really care it s dps, tank or heal, but i want to test it on some private first so i need to know my choice asap. Heard that warrior and paladins are horrible to lvl up, rogue so easy to lvl, interesting for pvp but a bit useless for pve stuff when it s about to group, druids good for all but awesome for nothing ... Hard to make a choice.. only seeing the choice of everyoneelse will help me !
  4. yeah a poll would be nice. Prob Priest for me, but idk if ud or troll ( btw if someone who know wow enough can advise me about it ).. But still can change class choice if clan miss something important to be autonomous.
  5. I usually use to play humans in every games, but that s not really important, i ll play the faction that ginnunga will play of course. I just d like to know it asap since i never played wow before, so i can start to think about my choice for race and class and read info on it.
  6. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    My only knowledge about wow is the movie, but i m more attracted by alliance aswell.
  7. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    Almost 1 month left before start, we should make a pull to know who will finally play wow classic, what race/class everyone plan to play, and mostly, and at least, if Ginnunga will be Ally or Hord.
  8. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    Any advice on how to up fast and effectively ? And what are the mains points to focus on ? Rush quest is the only way, or farming can be a possibility ? I will play this wow classic but i know nothing about wow, never played it since my school at that time was L2.. So i wonder a bit to start a game that everybody know as his own pocket and me as a big newcommer with 0 knowledge.
  9. Targetmemore

    Albion Online

    Just started the game with a friend, playin it for first time, i feel a bit lost actually i feel that only point is minning and i odn t even know how to recall to town.. But funny enough to make me curious and trying to reach t8... Anyway you are active with guild ? would like to join if yes
  10. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    Old games for old peoples that we are nowaday
  11. Targetmemore

    WoW: Classic

    i ll give it a try, but in casual mode since there is much better to do at jully than stay stuck at home... wishe they released it at janury..
  12. Targetmemore

    The Division 2

    Who is playing on playstation ?
  13. Targetmemore


    How is the ping now ? Is it playable ? I read many different people happy or angry ... Not sure wht to do now. I was waiting it with hype soi would like to try it at least, but if it s unplayable... Any kind of server to choos to be able to plya with you guys ?
  14. Targetmemore


    🤣 Not sure we ll play it 2018...
  15. Targetmemore

    Lineage 2 M

    I didn t found a date of release, just 2019... but only 1 thing that i know... I m Hyyyyyyyyyppppeeeee If they think it the right way and optimize it correctly it might be a awesome experience however it s mobile.
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