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  1. Rellic

    Ashes of Creation

    Looks pretty good!
  2. Rellic

    The Division 2

    Gromk knows him I think, he was in the channel yesterday with him, seems like a niuce guy.
  3. Rellic

    Warhammer Online

    I will be downloading it and try it out
  4. Rellic

    The Division 2

    https://shd.technology/brandset-builder/ Pretty nice to check out for builds.
  5. Rellic

    The Division 2

    Well come play with us then!
  6. Rellic

    The Division 2

    Yeah decided to play on PC instead! Pretty fun atm thinking it will be even more fun endgame! My name is "Smellic" for thoose who want to add! Peace out! ❤️
  7. Rellic

    The Division 2

    I just bought the game, I did have fun in the first division so why not give this one a try 😃
  8. Rellic

    Apex Legends

    My name is "Smellic" for origin if anyone wants to add poor little me! peace out!
  9. Rellic


    This look like a game I want to try out! I'm in!
  10. Rellic

    Lost Ark

    Riiight on, riiiiight on!
  11. Rellic

    Bless Online

    Considering the lag and full population of server/ maintainence it has been rpetty enjoyable I think (When you could actually play) Hopefully a lot of stuff will be fixed for the "launch day".
  12. Rellic

    Bless Online

    wooaah! We got a guild up running aswell see you in there! but make sure you choose the right faction now wich is heroin!
  13. Rellic

    Bless Online

  14. haha you guys are awesome! =)
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