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  1. Rellic


    Soloplay 😃
  2. Rellic

    The Division 2

    Gromk knows him I think, he was in the channel yesterday with him, seems like a niuce guy.
  3. Rellic

    Warhammer Online

    I will be downloading it and try it out
  4. Rellic

    The Division 2

    https://shd.technology/brandset-builder/ Pretty nice to check out for builds.
  5. Rellic

    The Division 2

    Well come play with us then!
  6. Rellic

    The Division 2

    Yeah decided to play on PC instead! Pretty fun atm thinking it will be even more fun endgame! My name is "Smellic" for thoose who want to add! Peace out! ❤️
  7. Rellic

    The Division 2

    I just bought the game, I did have fun in the first division so why not give this one a try 😃
  8. Rellic

    Apex Legends

    My name is "Smellic" for origin if anyone wants to add poor little me! peace out!
  9. Rellic


    This look like a game I want to try out! I'm in!
  10. Rellic

    Lost Ark

    Riiight on, riiiiight on!
  11. Rellic

    Bless Online

    Considering the lag and full population of server/ maintainence it has been rpetty enjoyable I think (When you could actually play) Hopefully a lot of stuff will be fixed for the "launch day".
  12. Rellic

    Bless Online

    wooaah! We got a guild up running aswell see you in there! but make sure you choose the right faction now wich is heroin!
  13. Rellic

    Bless Online

  14. Rellic


    haha you guys are awesome! =)
  15. Rellic

    Bless Online

    Hype is gone? Lost ark here we come!