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  1. After making my mounts for my x52 out of some old shelf parts nicked from work and some MDF I would love to get those and a new chair 😍
  2. Librium


    Just got it, down for some hack and slash
  3. Now Nexi, I’ve told you this before, you shouldn’t hold back, you should tell em exactly how it is...
  4. Thanks, that seems to have done the trick. Your cabal is full drakhorn, so sad....
  5. I’m enjoying it, I was going to say my biggest gripe is the FPS lag, how did you solve it seviathan?
  6. 26 people left, 7 left in our team, 6 die to the zone and the one that makes it is the random fella. we are so pro
  7. cool, I'll jump in over the weekend then if a game gets going. And imagine that I learnt something interesting and valuable because I mentioned that I couldn't play
  8. Really enjoyed the multiplayer, got to try that game of thrones mod.
  9. Sort of like what you have to put up with gromk, except you get shot ;p
  10. Librium

    Secret World Legends

    I am so confused... so I'm going to stick with 'poke them with the pointy end'
  11. Dammit, now how a my supposed to get a kill
  12. I thought camping for 30 minutes then dying on a motorbike was the point of this game, at least that's the impression I got from sam and chimp. :-p
  13. Reduced the moving speed of the two final play zones for better engagement during the endgame Yay, though only the last two, which I'm not sure I've ever even seen. The last four or five would be better I reckon.
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