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  1. Toszi


    No, since they were acquired by some publisher I stop getting any insider e-mails with updates. It seems like they parted ways with that publisher few months ago and are on their own again(?). They said at the beginning there won't be any real healer classes but it seems like they went into more PVE oriented game than they were selling at kickstarter and added 2 powerful healers..
  2. Toszi

    Star Citizen!

    and release date.
  3. Toszi


    Website with most of the items available in game (constantly updated): http://anthemarchive.com/
  4. Toszi


    Great guide for starters.
  5. Toszi


    Well, it was the cause in demo and I found it strange that they would build game around combo and then you wouldn't be able to use it on bosses. Maybe they fixed it or something, you were able to apply status effects on bosses in demo but not combo from them. Later on there are masterwork grade weapons which apply primes or can detonate so you can use those and change your abilities for synergy and masterwork abilities that can drastically change how you use them compared to "standard" one.
  6. Toszi


    You can't combo bosses...
  7. Toszi


    Abilities/Gear: (there might be some errors and changes since demo)
  8. Toszi

    The Division 2

    Fixed that for ya.
  9. Toszi


    Today even newbie islands are playable and ping is around 100 instead of over 250 but it's morning of Eve so we should see. If you wana play join TS!
  10. Toszi


    Now I'm interested.
  11. Unless you are me and 2 first mothers tell you that there is too many mouths to feed and leave you somewhere in swamp/forest to die. This game is really fun and it's sometimes sad to watch how small village that was run for few generations die out because next generations are not as effective as their "parents".
  12. I find it interesting but at current state desync/netcode and lack of region lock makes it hardly playable for first 5 min of round. Rounds are rather fast, addition of classes and forges make it stand out from other BR games.
  13. Toszi

    Bless Online

    So there is no info on premium benefits and also this: We don't know what content they cut out due no time to balance for new combat system etc and noone will be able to play it before release? I was looking for it and now It's just really fishy for me atm.
  14. Toszi


    You Swedish think you are the only one to make good games? bs!!! Frostpunk is made by the same small studio who made This War of Mine (you should check it if you didn't).
  15. Toszi

    Bless Online

    I think it was only until certain lvl in east but we have no idea what we are getting with open beta coming at May... I can feel Archage all over again where beta versions were totally different from what we got at the end.
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