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  1. Samhain

    Warhammer Online

    I made a Goblin Shaman last night and got a few levels.
  2. Samhain

    Apex Legends

    Do i need to buy this? Is there a place for carrying petrol cans guy?
  3. Samhain


    '.... we’ve got a cool music system where you can form bands and play songs together that give you stat buffs. We’ve got fun dances for people to engage in as well. ' Yes! lets get tha band back together dudes
  4. Samhain


    Will play but will probably wait till after xmas
  5. Samhain

    One hour one life

    Will get this today, look interesting
  6. Samhain


    I still play Fortnite pve and love it, perfect slow grind game for me right now. Personally I prefer PUBG battle royale but thats probably because I get to play with friends and talk shit. Up for trying fortnite in a squad, let me know when u wanna try Cog.
  7. Samhain


    My name is Samhain138x add me.
  8. Samhain


    let me know if u need a boost once tutorial bits done im level 64 and have a few nice guns i can make for u
  9. Samhain


    PMd u a key, one other here if anyone wants. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/redeem?code=C872GQFDDSXEF5MKARNU
  10. Samhain


    Will sort tonight mate, i can also boost u a bit and give u some OP guns etc
  11. Samhain


    I got 2 keys you can have one kookie
  12. Samhain


    I play the PVE loads, its not free yet but i can give u a code mate. PvP is not as good as PUBG imo.
  13. Samhain


    What the bro!
  14. Samhain

    Ascent: Infinite Realm

    I really need a good mmo right now.
  15. Samhain


    Really enjoying the new map, vaulting and overall prettyness of the latest version. Had some great games past few days.