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  1. darkar


    Hey Howley are you playing it now that it's live ?
  2. darkar


    Sorry Lyngs i reply years after you asked me but fate has been a bitch with me recently (divorce, tons of work, leg injury, internet connection issues, etc) ! Tbh the grind, non challenging pve, lack of early pvp and kind of solo game (which is really a shame for an mmorpg) didn't work for me.
  3. darkar


    @Usgar : i rolled a champion named Darkar on Hibernia side and a paladin named Darkarum on Albion side so far. But i'm not sure yet which realm i'll join once the beta is over. @Cogency : I can't remember (usually it would be Zoldik) ; i checked my account details on https://www.blackdesertonline.com but couldn't fin my character names. If you are wondering i was not in the guild (was told the we couldn't afford people not playing that much to take free spots).
  4. darkar


    Lol can't help it Chimp. I tried the game with the free pass and really couldn't stand it. I guess it's hard to commit yourself to a game such as BDO when you don't even like the game in the first place.
  5. darkar


    Hey guildies ! Yeah i know nothing new here with that old and ugly mmorpg that is DAOC. But just in case you want to give it a go once again, i wanted to let you know that the Uthgard Classic Server is coming back with a beta test in one month. Here is the link to the website : https://uthgard.org/ I will play it once its "officially" released but i can also join the beta if some of you are looking for company !
  6. darkar


    I'm glad to hear that ! That's probably THE game i will be playing once it's out. So far I haven't had the opportunity to test though.
  7. So in small WvW fights you just do your "combo" and heal yourself when you need/have to ?
  8. I bought the game when it was first released, played a couple of hours just to see that WvW was a shitty and buggy mess and then quit. So i have no real idea if it's woth it or not. One major thing though that i didn't like was that feeling that there were no real healers ; has it changed ? I'm still on ESO for the moment but could change to join ya guildies !
  9. darkar

    Warhammer Online

    I installed it a couple of weeks ago and i was waiting for something special to start the fun : gogogo !
  10. Also playing 4 or 5 times a week on Europe West. Main Support but i can fill. Pretty sure my Nickname is also Darkar or Darkarum.
  11. I tried that with a 9kStamina/30kHealth/10kMagicka tank and the proc didn't occur enough to keep my magicka up. But it was on the PTS of course. You're probably right Coots but i have no pleasure in pve and i'm too lazy to do it.
  12. On PTS every character is VR14. If you were asking about my NB, nope and and i think i won't unless i manage to do it while PVPing. Why ?
  13. Maybe we should start another thread hehe. I want full heavy armor because i want maximum Armor & Magic damage reduction. The problem is that i wont be able to spam my spells (especially sap ESSENCE my actuel butter & cream) as i used to do without a Magicka oriented build. By the way, the new passive in Shadow tree that gives extra Armor&Magic bonus for a couple of sec every time you use a shadow ability kind of makes me think i should use a lot of shadow abilities during my fights.
  14. PVP and be frontline tanky with whatever is the best ! (not interested in pve so far) Initially I was considering 1h+Shield in order to be even more tanky but i really don't mind switching to something else. So far on the PTS my builds seemed just useless even though there was no real group coordination in RVR. What i want : go frontline, disrupt people, snare, slow, stun, etc and survive. Enemies should focus me cuz i'm a pain in the ass but won't be able to kill me because of the tanky part (+ healer behind).
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