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  1. Did they change the weapon/armor set bonuses shortly after we stopped playing? I am wondering if my orange pimped templar with 40% crit is any worth playing anymore
  2. Sounds pretty interesting, could try it again when it goes F2P later this spring.
  3. Have to say this piqued my interest. All races seem to have pointy ears so will we see Mexican-Elf Ernesto?
  4. Awesome game and we play like pros. Coots ran over some friendlies while trying to park his partybus and I team killed Coots twice with grenade in the same room. Later we found out that my push-to-talk is bound to the same key as exit aircraft action.
  5. I play VS on Miller under name Kathulz. Seems like you guys merged from Woodman, right? I have really been enjoying PS2 recently. Especially after the merger and resource-revamp there has been a lot of really hectic fights going on.
  6. Kathul

    FIFA World Cup

    That penalty kick was just ridiculous
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