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  1. Karqath

    New World MMO

    I am also playin, write the faction / server info here before we hump in the game . Cya
  2. I am also playin but in Albion. So far so good. At prime times, the population is over 3k. Its more than the original servers hehe. Karqa / Reaver. See you
  3. Karqath

    Black Desert Online

    Me & Jezz bought the game, see u lads there :=)
  4. Karqath

    Black Desert Online

    OOoOo Close Beta will start soon, any1 up for it ?
  5. Karqath

    Albion Online

    Me and Jezz also played in the Summer Alpha and had loads of fun (missed the old UO days) we will start playin as well.
  6. Karqath

    ArcheAge Online

    Hello lads, Sorry I have been in a family vacation etc. I am playin in Alpha as well, so far so goody:) -The graphics look horrible after Teso -It contains unbalanced pvp classes. -Pvp depends on gear a lot. But Its still fun with my white Donkey with a carrot in front of it hahaha. Exp; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_XPol1-bnA
  7. My Top 10 ; 1- Cowboy Bebop (Movies - Series) 2- Hellsing 3- Samurai Champloo 4- Kenshin (Movies-Series) 5- Ninja Scroll 6- Kurozuka 7- Berserk 8- Sword Art Online 9- Broken Blade 10- Guilty Crown 11- Death Note It goes like this...
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