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  1. Hicks


    A fellow Opie and Anthony fan? My god could it be?
  2. Hicks

    ArcheAge Online

    Its very hard for me to get on board games no matter how good they are without some kind of established Universe I can identify with and the art style of most games today are either Hyper child friendly or have a international-centric touch that borders on bland now with the wealth of Korean and Japanese MMO's presently on the market. I'm sure its a great MMO but I'm just done giving games like this a chance anymore. You'd be correct in calling me biased and un-educated thats totally true and acceptable I got Tera I got Aion I got Rift I got Guild wars 2 and there was just some weird fatigue and disinterest in playing them and they all had unique and exciting things but....uh....done. ESO is my last shot. Anime/Korean stuff just makes me uneasy, It has its merit but its just not for me.
  3. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/83959603/
  4. Hicks


    When girls join the Teamspeak
  5. Hicks

    SUPERMAN gopro

    I thought this was executed nicely.
  6. Hicks

    Kill list

    There is nothing more terrifying at least to me then realism and this is why Kill List is a must watch. WARNING This movie is not a jump out silly HOLLYWOOD movie in which a bunch of happy go lucky teenagers and their escapades into unfortunate circumstances land them into formulaic events you've seen a hundred times over leaving you unfulfilled and unchallenged. This movie from the very beginning is abject fatigue and foreboding on a level of realism I have never seen before.When I first watched it I almost turned it off it was so distressing not because it was so scary I'm a grown man and I haven't been scared of a movie since "Jacobs ladder" or "Exorcist" no its distressing because its so dark and taxing to watch it really beats you up and puts you into a false sense of realism slowly introducing horror that compounds the unease and worst of all makes it more believable. Some may find this boring, some may find this slow.If realism and a master class in Improvised acting is not for you there is always a hundred more horror films you can watch and deduce the ending or jumps long before they occur. However Kill List is in a nutshell a cinematic experience designed to produce an Occult Alchemy change, a change from man to beast.Confusion loneliness and madness await any willing to bare the cross alongside him. TL;DR? Tense Tarantino-esque dialogue scenes set in a modern British environment. Challenging levels of Realism. Foreboding and a portrayal into a madness and Brutality unlike any movie you will see. TV/Movies Like it Blair Witch Eyes Wide shut The Wicker man True Detective Rosemary's Baby REVIEW by Professional
  7. Hicks


    The Pathology and having Hannibal and the main protagonist both share their own take on the same crime is quite fascinating but It strikes me as somewhat far-fetched that they are picking up so many top tier serial killers within the space of a few months. However they are the FBI and somewhat of a national organisation so I can see merit and credibility in the fact that they are getting all these choice selections for investigations but it would be nice just so the show doesn't devolve into CSI where everyone is Quippy with each other and just happen to be incredibly good lucking and charismatic in their own way (Yrs I hate most american shows) to just focus on Hannibal for an episode or two and his back story or Will's or even a killers and then introduce his crimes so that there is some anticipation or even morbid enjoyment in the killer himself and not this pump and dump killer aspect the beauty in buffalo bill was the lead up he was a monster that was slowly revealed to you and his pathology both credible and understandable. Good show though but it needs to really push to one direction because its got its feet in both camps on the one hand its hollywood shit with the pump and dump crimes and good looking surrounding characters adding nothing to the show and more or less infuriating anyone that cares about hannibal. Or its a genuinely well written and suspenseful origin story faithful to the roots and character of cinema's most charismatic and horrific serial killers. It needs to shit or get off the pot, I don't mind slow if its well written and I don't mind fast if its mindless fun but the eb and flow of rich slow character development of hannibal and his own therapist to this silly lets autopsy a corpse a show and make up some bullshit pathology as opposed to creating a truly awe inspiring killer or the anticipation of his capture the main focus as was the original movies greatest ability is to testing for me I know when I'm being pulled a along for a ride and won't tolerate being sold a shit show purely because they get an amazing actor to play a fan favourite. Mikkelsen it great as lecter its a weird guy to choose for lecter but i really like him he's unique.
  8. Hicks


    Smart Single female black protagonist in a man's world she shoots from the hip and isn't afraid to Quip along with the best of them. Joined by a set of Abercrombie and Fitch models who also practice high end criminal law she puts the boot to anyone who intends to create wait for it.....A SCANDAL! you can watch each episode where she finds a scandal and makes the scandal maker undergo a scandal of their own HOWEVER she's got a heart of gold and a head of rock thank god and gives them a chance to recant and learn from the moral choice she's made for them.You'll get to see the incredibly dramatic and not corny in any way CSI style head turns into a well lit and perfectly zoomed head shot to the beaten and hyper ventilating villian and say awesome shit like "THIS ENDS HERE" and "YOUR CAREER IS OVER" while also being dramatically lit and panned away from as she stomps around or usually away from someone in her product placed heels saying important things into a phone. Don't just take my word that this show's great go on youtube for reviews and see all the middle ages black women who love it too!
  9. Hicks

    The Wire

    Its a really depressing show, were it not for the modicum of Lighting and set budget you might as well just get acquainted with eastenders or the business end of a shotgun. Its a good show and the narrative is well written and executed its just a shame its trying to execute my faith in humanity is all.
  10. Best show in the past 10 years. breaking bad was over hyped over memed over the top.You telling me 1 fucking dude screws with a mexican cartel close to the border muscles in on their narcotics and doesn't have his entire family raped and murdered over the period of 24 hours? and where was this so called empire he had? Where was the security teams and hired guns to stave off the thousands of drug trafficker and Aryan brotherhood nazi's that run meth all across america? you telling me they couldn't locate the source of the most pure meth they'd ever seen until recently? that none of the meth users could point out to other organised crime members who sold it to them and where? or that this super meth is some elaborate alchemical master class and that some chimp in a hat and some guy who is really annoying and never stops crying couldn't be tortured along with their families to find out the exact way to produce the shit? Don't think so mate jog on series 1 great stuff for me it ended there i just pretend he died of cancer as per the original intended narrative. Talking dead (see what i did there) lots of minorities chat to each other in a play pen style prison because evidently when there is zombies you want to be on ground level with wire fences and then big daddy white man and his gun of justice comes in and tells everyone to chill because he can do what nobody else can which is "MURICAN TEAMWORK" he says cool original shit like "we'll get through this" and "stick together" which really lets you know why he's the leader and not I dunno a giant pack of savage men who steam roll walking zombies like they were nothing in melee combat grab some beers after and have the pick of the litter when it comes to anyone over 18. I'm sorry but this shows as retarded as lost and heroes and keeps throwing in new in more unrealistic assholes every week. The Wire Imagine if everyone in Eastenders couldn't leave the square due to abject poverty and a lack of education and were all under 30 years of age and black and instead of doing anything remotely constructive they propounded the poverty by selling drugs to people in the square and that every form of law enforcement were also so poor and abjectly indifferent to the situation given the staggering number of incarcerations due to such small offences in that community then you have correctly envisioned the wire. YOU WANT DEPRESSION HOLD ON TO YOUR DICKS because here comes the wire a 100 part long 8 hour an episode TOUR DE FORCE where the black people say black things like "RE-UP" and the white people say white things like "Wire-tap" and if you're lucky to understand the rest of whats going on without having sold drugs or spent a year in college learning american criminal justice proceedings and law then you are basically watching these 2 factions watch each other for a while until some arrests are made which have no overall affect on the community or the narrative it seems and you are back to square one for series 2. Have fun. True detective is the only show i can't shit on thats how i know its good.
  11. Hicks

    House of Cards

    Frank underwood's wife is a lioness she's truly a remarkable character to watch as you kind of expect power and dominion to play a role in a mans wheel house but in a woman its fascinating and like something from macbeth.
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