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  1. zerael

    Diablo 2R

    Hey folks, long time no see. Is anyone going to play D2R on launch? I'm planning to put a few hours in; would be cool to form a party like we used to do in D3.
  2. I don't get the Airspeeders controls when your tying up AT-ATs legs. My mouse feels completely unresponsive, unless I'm doing something wrong.
  3. Are you guys playing together? I'm sick and tired of noob rebeles who have no idea what the map objectives are
  4. zerael

    Diablo 3

    Is anyone going to play S4?
  5. I'm definitely checking this out
  6. zerael

    Diablo 3

    Well, I finish work at 9 so I'll be running a bit late too :/
  7. zerael

    Diablo 3

    Sweet, hope to catch you ingame Friday night
  8. zerael

    Diablo 3

    Are you guys going to roll out for the 2nd season? Haven't played the game for moths but I'm excited for the fresh start!
  9. zerael


    this is by far more disturbing
  10. zerael

    Diablo 3

    I wouldn't say TESO is better, it's a completely different game and I enjoy different things about it than in D3. The PvP aspect is really cool and I guess it's worth to push through the levelling up period. As a matter of fact I started to enjoy the quests as I did more and more of them.
  11. zerael

    Diablo 3

    I had to ragequit from TESO because of fucking bugged final encounter in one of the quests, gonna play some D3 then :3
  12. zerael

    Diablo 3

    my wiz is 59/43 world/eu in terms of dps and 9/4 ehp lol
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