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  1. Got a 970 and also thinking about it... but that would mean I have a good enough GPU for a new monitor... Acer x34 was looking too appealing.
  2. You need to fix the title Cog, Battlefield 1
  3. Wait, what?, more star wars and it's not even episode 8? When is episode 8? What is this Rogue One even? It looks very appealing damnit, again hyped until December i presume...
  4. I ended up buying the Samson Meteor, very happy with it thus far. I think it's an awesome little thing. I also bought a Sennheiser HD 958, sound volume was too low as expected due to it's high resistance so also got a Fiio E10k, DAC headphone amp to boost it.. Sadly though in the past year that I've had the headset I've barely used it, and I love em, sound is great, they're so comfy and light compared to the G930s.. not wireless though which I didn't think I'd miss but I do. Thing is, with the separate microphone I don't need to use the headset, If you can hear my game on TS do let me know, I'm sure It can be improved upon! But as the sound is coming from behind the microphone a lot of it should be filtered out just by that. Having something on my head while playing feels silly now.. which is a bad thing for my trackir too! Just saw your post Cog so thought I'd update with my experience from what I ended up buying.
  5. I'd really like one of these, but can't really, at least not until one of my current monitors dies... think I had a hammer nearby... If/when I do go for one of these, certainly need to keep it above 32" can't accept a downgrade in size (height)! I am somewhat clueless but the Hz and contrast on that last one seem slightly low? Also never heard of that brand before.
  6. I know the Euro is weak but come on... 700 odd euros.. and it's facebook... I'm with Muuman on this one, F facebook. What worries me even more is that at such a price they'll be so rare game devs won't show interest in the tech.
  7. I enjoyed it. I like how it felt much closer to the original than the prequels. I'd certainly recommend watching it.
  8. Kaskas

    Albion Online

    I haven't played since early this year, I had not seen anything about fast travelling? Anyone know how that works?
  9. Kaskas


    That makes more sense, but in such case it also means it's a game I won't really be able to enjoy alone that much. There are way too many selfish, clueless and just idiotic people out there which would cause those high dependencies of specific kits/vehicles to become a big issue.. So your comment regarding the community is quite crucial indeed. Then the comment Muuman makes just puts me off really, just sounds like camper's heaven which is absolutely tedious and boring to me. Perfect excuse to be a camper and not move an inch in over an hour or more... like people commonly do in DayZ or other games similar to it. If that's all it is or all it becomes.. too bad, I'll move on
  10. Kaskas


    Looks interesting, but I'm going to do as Toszi suggests and wait for it. I'm tired of paying to test games for which I'll be bored or burned out with before they even release. I don't however agree with the whole BF teamwork part, it's true if playing on your own, your squad is basically your spawn point and buff bots, you don't even need them specifically for ammo or heals. When playing with a squad however teamwork makes a big difference, a well organized squad can basically carry the team in rush maps for example quite well. That said, I'm speaking about BF3 as I refused to buy BF4, not sure if that aspect has worsened. What engine is this using?
  11. It's been over a year since the official release.. (longer since anyone commented on the game here) they've made quite a few changes and added tonnes of content. They've just released a new content patch this past weekend. Anyone who enjoys an isometric action rpg should give the game a whirl. It's not as forgiving as most other games these days, so plan your builds ahead!
  12. Kaskas


    I'm sure Meimei will like this one!
  13. I did not complete the Jedi Knight story, but my first character and main was an Imperial Agent, and the class story was amazing. I think the game works quite well as a single player if that's all you're interested in, well worth playing through the class stories like if it were any other single player rpg.
  14. Managed to play a few more hours yesterday, I decided to give in and go 3rd person. It changes quite a bit, suddenly I felt more like I was playing APB and I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit more. Still wish the Flyer controls were different and would like a map with more vehicles and a mode with vehicles and no heroes.. there are basically only two modes for me, Walker Assault and Supremacy. Destructible environments should be a basic feature in these games by now too... The grenade spam is also getting tiresome but that will surely be changed. Having only 4 maps is ridiculous and indefensible in my opinion. That said, I seem to suck at this game, improved quite a bit yesterday once I got used to 3rd person again, important to change shoulders with "c" just like in APB depending on the corner you're checking or shooting from, might take some getting used to for most people, it's also easy to try to shoot people and not notice you're shooting the box right in front of you. It's the first shooter I've EVER played since counter strike 1.3 (when I started with shooters) where my W/L and K/D ratios are below 1... and that has me kinda irked and wanting to improve until I fix it! Edit: just watched the vid Muuman linked and it's pretty much spot on really.
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