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  1. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Release is end of August
  2. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Or his pet, which will do most of the work
  3. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    yup will be playing, maybe a tauren resto druid
  4. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    I dont mind going order if that would make more people join in But i dont have much time to play games sadly, hopefully more this/next week. Think an active guild/group is almost needed to get from T2 to T4. T1 is awesome but when you hit 16 the grind starts..!
  5. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    The little time i have to play atm i spend with WAR, whats your character? Most of us can add you to the guild and then see when we are online
  6. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    I think we have enough to make a guild today!
  7. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    it feels more active now, then it was when live 😛 there are 100+ ppl on each side (520 in total) on one map siegeing and zerging
  8. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    Just took the keep and now defending it. Atleast 4 full warbands on our side.
  9. Series of short episodes with different themes and settings. Really liked the last one!
  10. Seven


    EA is ready for your wallet as well
  11. Seven

    The Division 2

    when did this become a shooter guild? 😛
  12. Seven

    Apex Legends

    Since this is taking off @Gromk - maybe post the plays to yt as well?
  13. Seven

    Star Citizen!

    loot boxes
  14. Seven

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    So we can repeat!
  15. Seven

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    But is the cyrodiil-lag fixed??