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  1. Seven

    New World MMO

  2. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    i finally got Zvn ... after everything was taken 😛
  3. Class and role poll, to get a rough estimate
  4. You can level as an outlaw, just killing other players as it gives a lot of xp and loot. There is A LOT of open world pvp in high risk, both when leveling and at 60.
  5. New season starts on Friday. This season you will draft cards, when getting new abilities as you level, instead of ramdomly like in Season 3. For those who havent heard about this before, Project Ascension is World of Warcraft mod, where you dont have classes but choose your abilities and talents as you level. The setting is vanilla, but the abilities and talents are WotLK. I think the xp rate is around x6 or x8. The best part is the option to play in High Risk mode, which means full pvp and partial loot drop. There is also increased xp and loot rewards, adding dungeon and raid gear to the table. Its a lot of fun, and its free!
  6. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Is that a thing? I see several people using this argument, but have never experienced it myself when i go back to play a game i enjoyed before. You also have the option to choose if you want graphics like they were in vanilla, or have a update with some chaged to texture and lighting i believe.
  7. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Hehe exactly, so when the last 3 posts i see are short negative sentences i thought something might be wrong..! But glad to hear that is not the case, @Meilink
  8. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Oh hello its mister negative again 😛 ... is everything alright, @Meilink? Also, did you play beta or retail?
  9. Seven

    Last Oasis

    Are you sure its not called strandbeest park?
  10. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Release is end of August
  11. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    Or his pet, which will do most of the work
  12. Seven

    WoW: Classic

    yup will be playing, maybe a tauren resto druid
  13. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    I dont mind going order if that would make more people join in But i dont have much time to play games sadly, hopefully more this/next week. Think an active guild/group is almost needed to get from T2 to T4. T1 is awesome but when you hit 16 the grind starts..!
  14. Seven

    Warhammer Online

    The little time i have to play atm i spend with WAR, whats your character? Most of us can add you to the guild and then see when we are online
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