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  1. Anyone playing open beta this weekend ? or are you all dedicated to Black Desert Online beta ?
  2. looks abit like a DayZ without zombies..
  3. is it a russian "The Division" ?
  4. Cookz

    Lineage 2 Classic

    preordered, and downloading client. i have NO idea what i'm gonna play tho never played this game before
  5. Cookz

    Lineage 2 Classic

    i'll try join in over the Christmas vacation and give this a go NEVER played it before tho.
  6. Yaaaay it's released add CookzG if you want me on there would love some more to play with since i only got 1 friend playing it
  7. Cookz


    i'll proberly test it out abit in alphas and betas and will report back the usefull info
  8. Cookz


    game is not even alpha yet, and its aimed for release at the end of 2016. so plente of time before betas
  9. Cookz


    Nevermind, it's all subsequent tests, so once your in, you in for the rest of them. Sooo i'm in from Alpha 3 and onwards
  10. Cookz


    i'm in beta 6 but what does that mean? that you can join betas from beta 6 and on or you get to play when the closed beta 6 is active only...?
  11. Cookz


    Cool video that gives all the basics of crowfall in a great explanation
  12. Cookz

    Rocket League

    This game is soooo addictive
  13. your still playing this game ? i'll make a survivor on that server then
  14. added you meilink i go by Cookz Ginn if anyone else wants to add me Also i created the Ginnunga Pantheon
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