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  1. illa

    WoW: Classic

    Hi guys, Thinking of giving this a go and see where I end up. Any specific classes needed? thinking about going druid. Where can I find the ginnunga discord info? and what server we on?
  2. anyone of you guys tried out Realm Royal yet? It pretty neat.. and already breaking records.
  3. illa


    Then this is the worst "closed" or "paid" beta I have ever seen.
  4. illa


    update: I decided to buy it and test it out... exactly 15 minutes later I demanded (and got it) a refund. You can't even change your controls. Since the game only supports qwerty and my country = azerty it's unplayable for me. (unless I do some annoying ritual to bypass this everytime I decide to play) it also felt choppy, unfinished and buggy..
  5. illa

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    Works fine here too. only with 2 instances it hangs sometimes. So I think my computer isn't strong enough to run 2 instances at once. Gonna add 8GB of RAM, that should do the trick I hope.
  6. illa

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    I only discovered it a couple of days ago. got a lvl 40SwS and planning to dual box an EE with that soon. non stop afk grind with bluestacks
  7. illa

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    US / Aden04 here with about 15 old Bartz players.
  8. illa


    Anybody know this? it's in closed beta now. Looks interesting.
  9. illa

    Albion Online

    True. But if you don't have a big team to play with... don't play this game.
  10. illa

    Path of Exile

    I picked this up again.. Raider frostblades. Softcore. getting used to things again.
  11. illa

    Albion Online

    This game.. BIG waste of money. Be in a big organised guild or don't play it. if you are solo, or mostly solo.. you can either do shitty PVE dungeons al lday or go gather all day. That's about it.
  12. The meta is still having hick-ups.. a lot of randomness in control decks and aggro decks mostly.. this warrior is really strong: this is my favourite priest deck atm. I have around 75% winrate. and this is the new Freeze Mage. People thought I would die this season because ice lance, azure drake and some other crucial cards rotated out of standard. But hey here it is again and pretty strong.
  13. the meta is settling down a little after the latest big patch so here are some nifty decks! Alot has changed with many classic top cards being removed from standard and awesome new cards added. The quest cards are making a big impact. here are a few of my favourite decks out there. Rogue: Never posted a rogue deck before I think. But this new type of miracle rogue, I REALLY like. (also check out the quest rogue.. it's rediculous. Mage: Mage is probably my favourite class and "Tempo mage" decks have been around for a long time. But this tempo mage deck is probably the most fun one I played in a long time. (and a strong one) Priest: FINALLY the priest has gotten some love where it can actually compete on the ladder. Yes there was a strong Dragon Priest deck for a while but there also were strong dragon decks with other classes. But now there are a few strong options with ACTUAL priest cards!!!! this is my favourite one to play! (also check out the N'zoth priest and purify pries) Druid: Also a class I don't play very often, but this is something new for a druid: AGGRO druid! Fun to play and aggressive... completely different playstyle then the usual druid decks. honerable mentions: Haven't had time to test these out yet : -Hunter has gottten some new love. Check out the ne midrange and/or beast hunter. Really strong decks -Murloc Quest Shaman -Jade Druid
  14. New big update is out: new decks coming soon
  15. illa

    Rocket League

    accepted the invite Was in a team game at the time.. but didn't see you come online, so not sure if something went wrong? The matchmaking is sooo screwed up right now tho.. ended up against 3 grandchamps from last season and won with 4-1 lol.. Not sure if i'm in the ginnunga steam group.. need to check that.
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