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  1. Tashar

    Dark and Light

    I was thinking of renting a private server, but only if other wish to play
  2. Tashar

    Dark and Light

    This is now available on Steam in Early Access
  3. Not sure if any of you guys are interested in this game while waiting for maybe a bigger label to release, game looks fun. ive just returned from vacation and bought the game and also rented a server for up to 20 players so far, so if any of you wish to join the server gimme a shout and ill post server details.
  4. Tashar

    Albion Online

    i dont have a working mic at the moment, sorry
  5. Tashar

    Albion Online

    I bought it but dont know how to join you guys
  6. Tashar

    Warhammer Online

    doh i was just about to install it
  7. Tashar

    Warhammer Online

    You guys still playing?
  8. target add me on PSN, PSN is dakepu I ordered this and play a lot of other games on there too
  9. <-- Whi5ker in Clash of Clans
  10. Im currently playing this, seems a blast so far
  11. Ive resubbed and patching for 1.6, will be waiting mainly to play on PS4 though
  12. shame I cant make a short elf and pretend he's a lurikeen
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