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  1. Cupe

    WoW: Classic

    Shazz works.
  2. Cupe

    WoW Classic, who's playing?

    I am being forced to. i have 10 or so friends from my old wow guild wanting to play.
  3. Cupe


    I guess I never responded to my own post actually stating what I bought after asking for advice. My bad! I got a Secret Labs Titan, PVC leather (I don't think the fabric chairs were an option when I bought it? I got it 18 or so months ago now). It is still as I got it pretty much, the foam has held it's shape. Really pleased with it. It along with being vigilant to my sitting position has stopped all pain in my wrist and back and it's actually helped sort my gammy knee our a bit as a bonus and it forces a proper posture. I am actually at that awkward place between the Omega and the Titan in terms of my body. I am 177cm tall, so 3 below the max for 1 chair and 2 above the minimum for the other. The only reason I went with the Titan when I bought it was that the Titan had been updated to their 2018 model - and the Omega was still their 2017 model. It has lumbar support, which I did change from it's base setting to suit me. I imagine I would sit on Tony's Omega quite happily too. A good chair, and a good mattress - both well worth it for me.
  4. Cupe

    Twitch - SLOBS - Leaderboard

    I knew that Rellic is the bestest. ❤️
  5. Cupe


    Stop trying to re-brand yourself. You are Muuman, milked joke for the ages.
  6. Cupe


    We get to make our characters fuck? Oh man, and we thought we had heard all of Gromk's penus stories...
  7. Cupe


    Yeah, pretty odd there is so little out there about the game which has early access tomorrow? I looked earlier and found almost nothing. I will jump on board after Christmas / once this diablo season is over if you are all having fun. Looks like it could be fun - I guess? Hard to say, I have no information on it.
  8. Cupe


    I'll join in the fun if we have a bunch of homies!
  9. Cupe

    Star Citizen!

    Wait, you are actually going to leave the space station this time around? Nice! ... now we just need to find a reason for you to sing once more too. I cannot wait.
  10. Cupe

    Warcraft III: Reforged

    Lol Nexi. Blizzard do not do microtransactions, they do transactions. They do not understand the meaning of the word micro. 20 euro for a race or faction change. Some skins are Hots are over 10 euros. They are transactions... they whole point about micro is the cost is small enough you don't consider it.
  11. Cupe

    Warcraft III: Reforged

    So much this. We want Warcraft 4, Diablo 4, Starcraft 3 sometime before 2029, etc etc. Make new, great games. FIFA and CoD can release a game every year... 2019 from Blizzard is a games from 15 and 19 years ago... I'd be thrilled to have remakes of them as well as new games. But not instead of new games.
  12. Cupe

    World of Warcraft GTX1080 GPU issue

    What temp is it when wow is not loaded and the computer it basically idle?
  13. Cupe


    Hey Chimp, when would this take place? I am pretty low on time now, but in a few weeks I could be up for this. I really liked the game, would be interested in seeing what comes with the xpac.
  14. I see you already sorted it before I was back. If you ever want a background added to it so it looks more 3D or whatever, just ask.