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  1. I live in sweden and use Comhem today all of a sudden Teamspeak and access to battlenet stoped working.. general internet shit works fine,. reset modem, reset router, when i ping us.battle.net or try to connect to ginnunga's TS it just fails to connect. (all of our computers have the same issue) no software updates etc since yesterday Does anyone else have this issue'?
  2. At this point in time, parts are failing(fans, screens, etc) on our 2 desktop PCs. We aren't looking to play on the "highest settings" all the time, but we want to cut down on the amount of room the computers take. Also not looking to spend more then 10000-13000kr for a laptop( 1300ish pounds) Dont need or want overkill, just something that runs well. Is moving from PC to Laptops a good idea?
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