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  1. SURFACE PRO 3 SURFACE PRO 3 SURFACE PRO 3 On a sidenote Microsoft just sent me a new power supply without hassle after I told them mine broke. I...I might be a fanboy..
  2. Well this game is really in line with what blizzard does best: taking an existing concept and making it 1000x more fun and accessible. It's fast paced and 100% focused on teamfights and objectives. Ill join if we are playing : wallden#2597
  3. I was thinking about doing the same thing, Kaskas! Thanks to this thread I think i'll try the Samson Meteor.
  4. I really look forward to it but you are right Smash. I dont mind waiting until all episodes are out.
  5. Oh that's too bad. I heard good things about it so far. Nothing about the cutscenes. Maybe its different on PS4 and PC
  6. Macar

    Albion Online

    They talk like a stereotype lollerkid. So weird. That talk is the most insightful one I know of that talks about MMO hacking in detail. Developers are naive and they dont show any signs of improvement as more and more companies enters the MMO-market and everyone tries to invent the wheel again when it comes to security.
  7. Macar

    Albion Online

    I wonder if there are any teachings or seminars for game developers to learn about countering bots and hackers. I know these guys has a pretty fun talk but I doubt it's anything new.
  8. Macar

    Albion Online

    Not gonna lie. That looks DOPE
  9. I like the blogpost. I think programming has a very steep learning curve and this is definetly a good place to start
  10. Using mine for exactly everything I do (i5 256gb). This is first thing I buy that I am 100% content with! It is like an extension of my desktop when im not home The price was hefty but worth it
  11. Holy shiet twitter is flooding with accounts posting something like "Phew I was safe glad I checked my email on this site (goog.le/aisjdiaj) you should check yours too!" The prophecy was true. The piranhas are emerging
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