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  1. Greetings! As a long time lurker and follower thru many MMOs, I am wondering if any of you will give the Dark Age of Camelot Free Shard a try. From the comments it is working nicely and it should open today! https://playphoenix.online/?fbclid=IwAR21yIyqJA7DorKzFVVmGVpYtnc5Eyk0zYjEQSsQYxR0cqI8SIkS0UWBOfU If any of you is interested in playing, please let me know the Realm so I can plan accordingly and maybe join you in the future in some decent PVP. Happy New Year! Fyra Frost - Darkwind Guild
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    << RL blonde !! I miss read in my excitement lol , yes, i saw later that the release is in May. I hope there will be some decent pvp and will check these boards later on again if people will play / what server. Ill be playing with some RL friends and plan to go pvp, thats why i looked you guys up.
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    Greetings! I am wondering if any of you are going to play Tera as its coming out next month. As a player of the opposing faction on Warhammer i came to respect this guild and enjoy very much our battles.Good times hunting down Darrier and Ernesto! Hope our paths cross again! Fyra, annoying sorceress of Darkwind.
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