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  1. 15 kills one death with an ace to win the game, not too shabby. Pic is a screen cap from before the final kill.
  2. Due to this being part of the Bullets or Blades Nvidia offer, there are a lot of keys for this game going around for pretty cheap.
  3. Korpayne

    Blade n soul

    "Purchase a Founder’s Pack before 5pm PDT on Oct 14 to get an invite into the #BladeandSoul Tech Alpha 2 this Friday! " Twitter
  4. Any luck finding the cheapest? £38.50 on Greenmangaming if you use the code "23PERC-AUTUMN-SAVING" expires 9th Oct. Marginally cheaper than retail pre-order at £39.99 and noticeably cheaper than the £49.99 Origin pre-order.
  5. The wonky hit registration has been driving me mad since Wednesday. No solid news on dedicated servers An example of what happens all too often. It wouldn't be so bad if it were battlefield where you are likely to respawn in 15 seconds, you get killed in this and you are down until the next round.
  6. I'm unable to play in the technical test but have been verified and signed the NDA, support have sent my details to the dev team for "further review".
  7. Korpayne


    Doing my best to avoid paying for early access.Three months of intensely playing Archeage solo left me so burned-out I couldn't stomach playing it when everyone else got access.
  8. Trying to run the GTA:Online heists with random folk is utterly fucking ball breaking. Other than that, I'm having fun.
  9. You can find me on social under Korpayne.
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