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  1. Chimp

    Path of Exile

    New league coming up December 7th. Is anyone going to try it?
  2. Chimp

    Surviving Mars

    I am not longer with Paradox. I can now set you up with trucks and other manley stuff around Karlstad. Is there anything you are interested in?
  3. Chimp

    Grim Dawn

    What an adventure!!
  4. Chimp

    Grim Dawn

    I know Ernesto have this game.
  5. Chimp

    WoW: Classic

  6. Chimp

    WoW: Classic

    He is not 16...mind you.. he is 18 and awesome. Strong as 60.
  7. Chimp

    WoW: Classic

    lol. Those are rookie numbers.
  8. Chimp

    Path of Exile

    The guild in Path of Exile will be renamed to "Ginnunga" sometime soon. They told me on email this morning. If you need more stash tabs, you can donate coints to the guild at the website. I will most likely play it a bit this weekend, there is a couple of builds I would like to try and learn, before "next" season. 😃
  9. Chimp

    Borderlands 3

    That is after the summer. Who knows if I am even alive then. I shall not think of this game anymore until September 10
  10. Chimp

    Borderlands 3

    Guns and loot? Different colour of the loot, should be fairly standard. Different classes. Cartoony look. Kill big bug, kill small bugs. There was a picture of a dungeon. There are cars. I have not played the others much either, but seemd fairly understandable and standard.
  11. Chimp

    Warhammer Online

    If your using Enemy. Here are some helpful setup for it, specially if your a healer. There are good setup for specific classes. https://www.returnofreckoning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=24648
  12. Chimp

    Warhammer Online

    Haha.. I laughed so hard at the end, I had to mute.
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