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  1. Chimp

    Lost Ark

    Signed up. Actually read somewhere not long ago that it was finally being released in the EU. Good catch!
  2. You must be logged in to the same platform in order to transfer your account. Please check and try again. (Web with web account, and Steam with Steam account) This kept popping up, i gave up, I was loged in everywhere, they gave me the list of chars, all was good and dandy. But could not get past this.
  3. Beware of mutiny, I was leading Rellic, Saslic and Lyngs into great treasure and adventure, when they stabbed me in the back, by putting me in jail... ON MY OWN SHIP. Great fun game, if you play it for what it is.
  4. Chimp

    Path of Exile

    All of a sudden i feel like making a Winder Orb build.. a league to late.. but still
  5. Chimp

    Path of Exile

    LOL that video was HILARIOUS. Gief headhunter.
  6. Chimp

    Star Citizen!

    Scam! Get out!
  7. Chimp

    Borderlands 3

    Anyone playing this? I bought it and checking it out
  8. Chimp

    Path of Exile

    New league coming up December 7th. Is anyone going to try it?
  9. Chimp

    Surviving Mars

    I am not longer with Paradox. I can now set you up with trucks and other manley stuff around Karlstad. Is there anything you are interested in?
  10. Chimp

    Grim Dawn

    What an adventure!!
  11. Chimp

    Grim Dawn

    I know Ernesto have this game.
  12. Chimp

    WoW: Classic

    He is not 16...mind you.. he is 18 and awesome. Strong as 60.
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