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  1. They released info on the Helminth system (sacrificing frames, and adding abilities to frames): https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/i8iesl/the_helminth_dev_workshop/ Seems it's not as bad as initially thought regarding the grind: "Every Warframe can be Subsumed to permanently provide 1 specific Ability to Helminth." So it's permanent. No need to sacrifice a frame every time you want to put that ability on another frame. There's a lot of "meh" abilities, as was expected, but there's also some very powerful ones. This is going to be both a lot of fun and a mess to balance. Buffs like Rhinos Roar, Valkyrs Warcry, Mirage Eclipse and Mesas Shooting Gallery will be awesome additions to a lot of frames (not sure if Roar is just flat out 100% always better than Shooting gallery so the Shooting Gallery might be moot). Aside from damage there's survivability: Novas Null Star for damage reduction, Blood Altar for regen, Wukongs Defy for armor/invuln. And alot of useable ones: Nidus Larva, Proteas Dispensary, to mention few. This is going to lead to alot of theorycrafting and a lot of customization options
  2. Having played this a bit now, both in premade parties (with Chimp and some other friends), solo and with pick up groups I must say it's very very enjoyable! It's a perfect game to play a session here a session there, adaptable to 1-4 people. I'd advice not taking it TOO seriously, aka don't go in with the mindset to grind gold (even though it's possible I think it'd get very boring trying to maximize efficiency) but just have fun. Lots of different stuff to do. Merchant runs, treasure hunting, skeleton killing, world events, pvp and all earning currency which can only be used for cosmetics (so no p2w is possible). The best thing though is just the feel of sailing around. It has the perfect amount of chores to do around the boat (trimming sails, angling sails, steering, keeping lookout etc), the distances never feel too long and it's just a joy to cruise around doing stuff. Considering a game pass is only 1€/1$ I highly recommend checking it out, preferably with a crew which makes it a lot more fun.
  3. It's in progress. Kind off. It needs another corridor added (which takes 12h) and then I can start the actual build of it (I hope). It's a HUGE room, so it requires a lot of space and the building interface is... well, almost none existant. But I'm working on it.
  4. When I last quit, couple weeks before Railjack, I think I was in the process of making a shipyard in the dojo. If I remember correctly I didn't build it, but I started building some corridors and had a location for it. But yeah, this was quite a while ago so can't really remember.
  5. Every year they PULL ME BACK IN with the god damn amazing Tennocon. Bit bummed with some of the design decisions they've made over the past year, arcanes and what not, but will start this up again a bit and see how deep it'll pull me. Here's this years Tennolive (their big live stream/reveal/"what will we be doing/releasing this year"):
  6. Yeah, didn't turn out super bad at least Ah, good point! Some sort of wrapped iron wire should do very well tbh. If I ever run into a malfunction with this I'll try that But does it have 120mm fans attached?! (❤️) ...
  7. I just got done mounting two 120mm chassi fans on my 980ti, but why on earth would I do that? Let me tell you! I've been considering a major upgrade for a while. Most of my rig is about 5 years old, and even though it's still holding up quite well (overclocked i7 6700k processor, 980ti gpu, 16gb ram, some okish mobo) I'm getting a serious ache for something new. Besides the ache in general I've never really splurged on a rig, and I'm in a financial position to do so. The one thing holding me back is the next generation of GPU's, which are likely to come before the end of the year. A new generation means either buying the old gens top card cheaper, or go for next gen. So I decided to wait. Albeit the rig in general holding up my 980ti has seen better days, no question about it. The version I bought has 3 fans, and the middle one had started wobbling and making weird noices about half a year ago. This is what is looks like. Or rather, used to look like til about 1 hour ago... So there was the odd noice, and sometimes I noticed the middle fan just stopped spinning, while the other two were chugging along. But up until last week it was holding up, so I didn't worry about it. Last week we had some work done in the apartment, and I had to move my computer. In that move the middle fan just popped off. I heard a rattling sound as I lift the computer up, to return it to the desk, and in the bottom of the chassi was the rogue fan who apparently decided enough was enough. He wasn't having any more of my shit. Ok, "not great" I thought, but who needs THREE fans anyway? Suuuurely 2 is enough? So I plugged it back in, and it actually seemed to work quite fine. Temps were a bit up, middle 85 celcius under heavy load, from about 80. That's not good temps, but the card doesn't throttle til like 90+, so I kept at it. That is until yesterday. I loaded up Sea of Thieves to try it and noticed my FPS fluctuating. Like it was at 80 for about 5 seconds, and then dipped to 40 for about the same time. Over and over. "That's odd", I thought to myself, meanwhile I noticed I could actually hear my own thought. What was that sudden silence? Wait, why isn't my computer making it's usual high pitched angry stop-pushing-me-you-shitty-nerd sound? Lo and behold, the two remaining fans on my GPU had after pondering for a few days decided to make a mutual cause with the rogue fan and had gone on a strike. "Not great at all". So there I was, couple months away from a planned upgrade, but out a GPU. Was I doomed to play shitty mobile games for a few months, like Papercuts, while waiting for the next gen GPU:s? Not likely. I scoured the internet looking for 2nd hand GPU:s, or even retail for something that was at least on the same level as the 980ti. I was quite surprised to find that the 980ti actually holds up quite well, 5 years after I bought it. I mean sure it's at best middle of the pack by todays standard, but a card of equal quality is still like 400€, a sum I was not willing to spend for a few months. Financially able or not, there's limits. So I wandered around the internet, looking for replacement fans or consolidation, but found neither. Most options were expensive or too complicated. But then I stumbled upon a video by Linus Tech Tips, called "Video card dead fan repair guide", and I was intrigued. He ripped the stock cooling of two graphic cards and replaced it with... chassi fans, which he like a madman ziptied to the GPU:s! "Now this is something I probably should not ever do, so let's DO IT!", was of course my reaction. Said, done and a visit to my local computer stor later I today gleefully ripped out my graphics card, manhandled the cooling. Only 2/4 screws were actually reachable, so there was quite a bit of violence and metal bending/breaking involved, as can be seen by the former fan holding thingy: Like sensei Linus had taught me I then ziptied two 120mm fans on to the card, smashed it back into the computer hooked it all up: I plugged it back in and... (Those of you hoping for a tragic ending are about to get very disappointed...) It worked! Amazingly! Previously without fans, just passive cooling, temps were about 60ish in windows, with the new fans 30! Booted up Sea of Thieves, and under heavy load temps are maxing out at about 73, so almost 10 degrees lower than it's ever been! So all in all I spent 23€ for the fans and a bunch of zip ties, and the result was better cooling than the card has ever seen AND it's less noice than it has ever produced! So, what's the morale of this story? Of course there is none, and I don't recommend ripping your GPU apart if you can help it, but I had to tell SOMEONE about this feat, and you lot were closest at hand! It's of course now going to be a matter of time before the zip ties melt or something goes horribly wrong, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it
  8. Played this as table top many years ago, wonder if the adaption will hold up!
  9. I got a XBOX pass, was 1$ for first month and it includes this, not a bad deal
  10. Heard it's coming to Steam today, and been watching a fair few streamers play it. Very much considering picking it up
  11. Tbh so far it seems vey f2p friendly. I've got about 800 gems (a 11xsummon is 30, saving up for when the good units come) and beat all available content by just making sure I rolled 1 specific unit at start with the free roll. What I will say is that it's E X T R E M E L Y time/grind heavy. I run it in an android simulator on my pc during the days, so I can afk farm while at work, because it can suck up basically an endless amount of time. Such measures aren't NEEDED to keep up, but it helps a ton. That part of it I understand isn't for everyone. Awesome, I'll check it out as well
  12. Since Relic and Papercuts got me hooked on gachas (AFK Arena) I've gone deeper down the rabbit hole and recently started a new one, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross - https://7dsgc.netmarble.com/en It's 300% anime - stereotypical characters, jiggly tits, enormous explosions, a talking pig and sillyness, but the gameplay is pretty fun and it's a very cinematic experience (it's based on a show). Just wondering if anyone else is playing?
  13. Hm, not sure that makes sense, but if it works it works You've read the guides I assume? CoC builds are also very very iffy, more is NOT always better, it can cut your DPS by 50% - 60% if you pass certain thresholds and you miss-align certain stats.
  14. It's been a good league, and I've done things I haven't before. Chain run T16's, farmed both Shaper and Elder, farmed endboss etc. Highly recommend giving this league a go, at least to learn a bit about the new atlas and get a feel for it. After ~100 hours I lost interest in my build the last couple days and didn't know what to play. Decided to leave it up to fate and spent ~50ex trying to ancient orb a HH. Failed, but it was a fun gamble and a nice send of to one of my most enjoyable leagues. I am already looking forward to next league though, might jump back into it two leagues in a row this time
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