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  1. Played it couple hours, realized I had not magically become better at shooters and still feel like everyone else is using aimbots (they're not, I'm just horrible) so I uninstalled. Not enough interest to put the time in to become anything more than cannon fodder Besides my complete lack of skill it seemed pretty ok though. The map was really big, didn't help that stuff like opening the map while you're spawned wasn't a thing (not sure if this is a beta thing or a feature), so I had a hard time knowing where I was supposed to go when we capped a point or alike. Was pretty chaotic with little to no teamplay, so some classes felt lackluster. Also had a hard time telling friends from foes, sure when I aim at them the blue dot shows up (sometimes the blue dot was always there, sometimes not) but I found it annoying that uniforms were so similar. Other than that it was pretty and areas felt pretty varied even within the map.
  2. Sinful

    New PC

    I bought the almost exact same thing, actually JUST built it yesterday 5900X, 32GB Ram, 1Tb M2, RTX 3080. As you might notice there's no GPU in yet, that's coming today. But the computer lit up when i flashed the BIOS yesterday So I can't say much for performance yet. It does feel silly to pay overprice for the GPU, I paid 1280€ for mine. Fully aware people who bought it a year ago probably spent... 60% of what I paid or so? But I don't see GPU prices dropping anytime soon, and with the shortage I can't imagine waiting for black friday will help the slightest. So I just bit the bullet, I've been waiting too long. In Sweden there's still cards to be had. Or rather, one needs to be quick and keep an eye open on forums etc for drops, because 3080's are flying of the shelves, but I got mine within a day or two. 1280€ might sound alot, but from what's available and prices right now it could have been alot worse. Oh well, I'm old and not poor, I can manage
  3. Yeah, I can do that because I built the dry dock I'm pretty sure. Installing now and I'll see if I can promote!
  4. I uninstalled it a while ago (but will 99% return at some point, so more of a temporary thing 😛 ) but not even sure I got the rank to promote. Can you check who you'd need?
  5. Sinful

    Lost Ark

    Such disappointment 😔 j/k, thanks for the write up, Nexi! And yes, it's been out in both Asia and Russia quite a while afaik, maybe more places? I mean if it's only $25 this seems like a solid buy. No idea how it will hold up endgame etc, but if it's a good, fun experience until max lvl and a bit beyond that's more than fair for the price and if it turns out to have longevity it's a bonus!
  6. Sinful

    Lost Ark

    Have not received an invite yet. Nexi promised me I would get one. Much disappointment.
  7. Sinful

    Lost Ark

    Cool, thanks, signed up!
  8. Sinful

    Lost Ark

    So, since this is now coming (Fall 2021), and I noticed some playing the alpha, how has it come along since a few years back? I'm guessing the alpha testers are under some sort of NDA, but anyone who has played the other versions (russian etc) lately? Or who's been keeping an eye on the community sentiment?
  9. Sinful

    Ashes of Creation

    2024 HYYYYYPE!
  10. Sinful

    The Division 2

    70gb download, holy moly. Oh well, downloading and will check it out. At 8€ it's worth a run through of the DLC at the very least
  11. Sinful

    The Division 2

    Anyone played this recently? Having just played Outriders, which unfortunately turned out to be a steaming pile of shit after a pretty nice campaign, I kinda got the itch for a looter shooter. I liked this at launch, but end game and builds was a mess. It's been quite a while, it had an expansion, so anyone have any first hand experience? Reading on the reddit it seems to be in a pretty nice spot. The expansion can be picked up very cheap, like 8€, so think I'll give it a whirl.
  12. Game Pass is just adding value, I'm wondering when Microsoft will rebrand it. Make it a subsidiary, ditch the "Xbox", partner with Sony and voilá, one subscription to rule them all. Could still make titles exclusive to either console even if it's the same subscription service, but PC master race gets to scoop it all up once ported
  13. What an AWESOME league that's currently running! First time I got a char past 95. First time I got three separete chars/builds to 95. First time I spent 40+ ex on a single build. First time I did 36/40 (and was rewarded with a Hideout) So many fun additions this league. Feel like I'm done now that I hit 36/40, but kinda already looking forward to next league If anyone is still playing, aiming for 36/40 or something, I have a fair bit of currency, maps etc to share. Just holler.
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