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  1. Hehe, yeah, after like 15 or 16 there's nothing new to unlock. And as you've noticed, frames in particular can be powerful at any MR and there's also plenty lower MR weapons that can be amazing if modded correctly. There's so many ways to play, goals to set and things to do it's more a matter of finding what's fun for you at one time or another. I sometimes push MR a bit, or reputations, or aim for a specific piece of gear, arcane etc. Yes, but I'm also playing a bit of Final Fantasy XIV right now so on and off. We need 4 people for Eidolons though, not sure we got it right now.
  2. It's amazing. Would be awesome to get a bunch of people up for Eidolons, would be fun to do some guild runs.
  3. I haven't played since last year, but Tennocon finished yesterday with the customary big live show/dev stream. Got me interested enough to log on and getting into it a bit again Highlights: Demo of "Empyrean" - The expansion that'll launch Railjack (flying big ships co op) Empyrean will also feature linked group play. So 1 group is up in space doing stuff, needs help from 1 group down on a planet. Linked objectives. Reveal of "The Duviri Paradox" - No one is really sure what it's going to be, but there's some funky shit happening with the big space ships, when they hyperdrive the operator can get torn from their warframe and enter into some other dimension. It SEEMS to be a new open world area, like Fortuna and Planes, but afaik we got no details yet. Working on the next big story chapter "The New War". ETA Christmas. New frames ofc, 2 new ones revealed. New CGI Trailer, which I think is to be linked to a reworked "New player experience". Pretty neat cinematic if nothing else. Here's the demo of Empyrean, and the reveal of "The Duviri Paradox" at the end. Also demo of the coming new engine. The new trailer/intro:
  4. New League came out friday, for those not in the loop. Huge combat rework focused on melee. Animation cancelling is in the game, the melee skills feels "connected" now, all movement skills are A LOT smoother, scaling bla bla bla. The new League mechanic is very fun, albeit AoE-focused. It's a bit like Breach, but you yourself chose how many/which mobs spawn. Pretty fun. It's easily skippable for those that want, and it's a big chaotic mess of mobs for those that are so inclined. Drops are sweet so far, even at my measly lvl 40 it drops an ok amount of currency and stuff. New "Incubation" system where you enchant your items with a drop, and then after you kill XXX mobs with that item equiped it "hatches" into a drop, can be a currency, breachstone etc. Pretty nice small addition. Over all it seems like a good league, and I'll play it til I get bored as always
  5. Sinful

    WoW: Classic

    I'm absolutely giving this a go. I've been playing retail for varying amounts of the time last few expansions, often starting 1-2 weeks into the expansion and playing couple months. It's been ok, but aside from the grafics it's a completely different game these days, for better and/or worse. Seeing streamers play the beta they highlight how much the old mechanics are a big part of why they find it fun. Some systems are of course clunky (hunters needing arrows, no easy switching specs etc) but others are just simplified and it seems a lot of fun going back to it. So just because retail might not be your thing, don't write of classic completely. Not saying you'll like it for sure, I have a big list of things I might not like, but I think it's worth a chance just as much as I gave EQ Progressions servers etc a go.
  6. Sinful

    Warhammer Online

    We have the guild on Destruction, where the first people started. I play on both sides, but I think most Ginnunga people who play (Sam, Seven, Ove) are on Destruction. You're not locked btw, you can have like 20 characters over both factions.
  7. Sinful

    Warhammer Online

    Still playing, still having fun. Been leveling a couple order toons too. 20 Sword Master 13 Warrior Priest 24 Marauder 24 Black Guard 21 Disciple of Khain Who cares about max lvl anyway
  8. Sinful

    Warhammer Online

    You're such a disappointment That aside it's still great fun, even though we're not many playing. I still have a severe case of alt anxiety, but since I'm not stressed I just play what I feel like at the moment. So switching between Black Orc, Marauder, DoK and Magus on a regular basis. Also leveled a couple order toons, but something about Destro is just so more appealing. This game/server would be so awesome with more Ginnungans, doing scenario groups, warbands etc.
  9. Sinful

    Warhammer Online

    Wasn't on much last night, will try to see if anyone is online for invites tonight
  10. Sinful

    Warhammer Online

    I've been leveling couple different ones to like 12-13, trying to decide what I want. Right now it's between: Zinful - Marauder Zinfulz - Blackguard Zaintz - DoK Sinsmash - Black orc So either of those
  11. Sinful

    Warhammer Online

    I guess everyone quit? Been playing a bit and having fun, but getting tad fed up only playing with randoms ☺️
  12. Sinful

    The Division 2

    Tidal Basin and World Tier 5 coming April 5: * New World Tier, new max GS. * New Stronghold * Three 6-piece gear sets * New difficulty for missions/strongholds: Heroic. Nothing is locked behind difficulty, it's just more rewarding in terms of higher rarity, and tends to drop higher GS. * In World Tier 5 ALL missions and Strongholds can be invaded by Black Tusk, will be some sort of weekly rotation. Seems solid State of the game video with the reveal and more info:
  13. Sinful

    The Division 2

    @Ernesto Me and Raker found out I was wrong in how the World Tiers are advanced. I thought you did 6 missions and 3 Strongholds to advance it 1 tier. That's not true. Each Stronghold is individually 1 tier. As soon as you complete a Stronghold (which has a GS requirement) the World Tier goes up, and that Stronghold is considered "Done", even in the new tier. The remaining Strongholds gets their GS requirement raised. Once you complete the next Stronghold the World Tier goes up, and that Stronghold is also considered done. So when you're World Tier 3 you'll only have 1 Stronghold to chose from (the other 2 you used to get to WT3) and when you complete that you're in WT4. So what I'd recommend when you hit World Tier 1: 1) Chose which Stronghold you want to do. 3 to chose from. 2) Do the main missions that leads to that Stronghold. 3) Is your GS 275? If so, do the Stronghold and advance to WT2. If not, do projects or open world stuff til 275. When you hit WT2: 1) Chose which Stronghold you want to do. 2 to chose from. 2) Do main missions that leads to it. 3) Is your GS 325 (the new req)? If so do Stronghold, if not do open world. When you hit WT3 1) No choise, you'll only have 1 Stronghold left. 2) Do the main missions for it. 3) Is your GS 375? If so, do Stronghold, if not open world. (You can of course replay both Strongholds and Main Missions, it's considered "Done" just in the context of advancing World Tiers)
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