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  1. I hear that the police system is really great. 🙄
  2. Why didn't you just go for the bigger penis?
  3. Nice! Where do you put in teh penus?
  4. That is not even a full sentence. Who the fuck are you and what did you do with Pignesto?!
  5. Season two is here! Weekend booked.
  6. So, 3070 is going to be on par with 2080ti and lower power usage? No wonder there are used 2080ti's going for 400€ atm. 🤣
  7. If, after watching this video, you still mount that shit incorrectly, then you should not be allowed to ever hold anything in your hands. Ever.😂
  8. Lyngs


    Did you get in? Tell me it is really bad.
  9. Lyngs

    Ashes of Creation

    Where's the gambling and escort sections? Worst... web site... ever.
  10. Lyngs

    Ashes of Creation

    I will have time to play in roughly two years. Release fall 2022 it is.
  11. Lyngs

    Ashes of Creation

    Will you @Cogencybe pulling your crown of laurels out of your ass dusting off your magnificently glorious crown of laurels for this then?
  12. Lyngs

    Ashes of Creation

    Lineage 2020? Fuck my life!
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