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  1. I respect your game preferences, butt I am not that progressive.
  2. Pfff, try Tinder. Set your characters age to 45 and game objective to woman, Intelligent, single, childless but willing to foster offspring and not above 4 crazy. GL!
  3. Lyngs


    *swipes left*
  4. Lyngs

    New World MMO

    Even the trailer is meh now. Am I really the biased?😒
  5. Tinder straw poll said it had to go.😉
  6. Happy B-day to you indeed! #JellyAF
  7. Related to crypto boom perhaps.
  8. I hear that the police system is really great. 🙄
  9. Why didn't you just go for the bigger penis?
  10. Nice! Where do you put in teh penus?
  11. That is not even a full sentence. Who the fuck are you and what did you do with Pignesto?!
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