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  1. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    Discord: https://discord.gg/vjRpSpR Server: Shazzrah EU Druid, Mage, Priest are the ones we lack the most AFAIK.
  2. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    Imagine having that shitty vioce comms quality today…
  3. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    That is most likely the most authentic "feature" of classic. 😂
  4. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    There will probably be plenty of QQ'ing left when you come on.
  5. Lyngs


    I am still having withdrawal symptoms from New World. I really hope they dont change the concept too much.
  6. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    New World would be a good bet I think. Sign up here: https://newworld.com/
  7. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    I have mentioned no such thing. What I have mentioned is that Kunasha said that if someone steps up to lead, he would help sort stuff out, forum and discord wise.
  8. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    That is basically what I am afraid of. In Vanilla you had 2-3k people supplying an AH. Meaning you, in the first few months, could not just buy gear off of the AH every few levels. With potentially 10k+ people, that is not going to be the case. With a fully stocked AH almost from day one, Classic will not be any thing close to what Vanilla was. Not for me any way.
  9. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    Has any one seen any thing official about, whether or not the layering will include auction houses, or if there is just one?
  10. You should play Dwarf, hands down the best Priest race... oh wait. I will be casual as I am moving house. Will most likely play Shadow Priest.
  11. I am generally not into super hero movies/shows. I absolutely loved The Watchmen and Deadpool was ok. Most of the rest have just been bland regurgitated versions of the same plot. This show, is a symphony of violence, gore and excessive use of the word cunt. It is bloody fantastic. Literally! Don't watch any of the trailers! Too many spoilers sadly. Just watch the first episode. I binge watched the whole season. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1190634/
  12. Definitely worth watching.
  13. I will play in a Ginnunga guild or not at all.
  14. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    I don't think graphics will be an issue if you just use the max settings. You wont have to use vanilla graphics unless you are a masochist of cause. This particular style of graphics could never be amazingly beautiful. The gameplay and the people you play with on the other hand... well the gameplay anyway.
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