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  1. Lyngs

    Albion Online

    My therapist told me not to go back to BDO and also to not include the helicopter in my crossfit program in the park. What is your opinion?
  2. Lyngs

    Last Oasis

  3. Lyngs

    Conqueror's Blade

    Has anyone heard of this? Looks like it could be interesting. https://cb.my.com/en
  4. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    Lucky you! 😂
  5. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    Someone should make a polling thread. 🤡
  6. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    Yes, unfortunately. Am also super hyped now.
  7. Lyngs

    WoW: Classic

    World PvP was in from day one. The point system came after 2-3 months. Battlegrounds a few months after that.
  8. Lyngs

    Star Citizen!

    Not that i question the article in it's entirety. But it would probably have painted a slightly different picture if they had interviewed another 20 employees who are still working on the game.
  9. Lyngs


    US is literally the only country in the world to use mm/dd/yy format.
  10. Lyngs


    I truly hope this game delivers, what ever it is, that you are so hyped about. EA...
  11. Lyngs

    Borderlands 3

    For someone who has no clue what this game is, that trailer is absolutely useless.
  12. Lyngs

    Path of Exile

  13. Lyngs

    Path of Exile

    Up to 30% on all Stash tabs today.
  14. Lyngs

    We're on HTTPS now

    Is it possible, to get a super bright theme, so that I can get a slight tan, before summer?
  15. Lyngs

    Twitch clips

    Chimp being really saucy for me.