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  1. Lyngs

    Path of Exile

    Up to 30% on all Stash tabs today.
  2. Lyngs

    We're on HTTPS now

    Is it possible, to get a super bright theme, so that I can get a slight tan, before summer?
  3. Lyngs

    Twitch clips

    Chimp being really saucy for me.
  4. Lyngs

    Star Citizen!

    Sinkhole; Money. Time. Relationships.
  5. Lyngs

    Top 3% in the world!!

    What the hell is that?!
  6. Lyngs

    Twitch clips

    Really bad netcode. On his screen he came out from behind that vehicle long before you saw him. This game has no penalty for bad ping.
  7. Lyngs

    Apex Legends

    So Gromk wasn't being a misogynistic pig, when he kept insisting that the female characters are harder to hit. Who would have thought.
  8. Lyngs

    Apex Legends

    That makes no sense.
  9. Lyngs

    Apex Legends

    Please tell me that I am not the only one who finds this funny. NSFW! @Calyn Spoiler tags... how to?
  10. Lyngs


    No it is not! I have not said a single negative thing about the game... here. I am happy that you guys are having fun.
  11. Lyngs

    Apex Legends

  12. Lyngs

    Apex Legends

    Can you elaborate on that please. Makes no sense.
  13. Lyngs

    Apex Legends

    That you are playing a loller kid game?
  14. Lyngs

    Star Citizen!

    Skins skins skins