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  1. I'm almost sorry to say this, having two Chromecast sticks that work very well, but AppleTV works much better.
  2. Same from LuleƄ sporting a soft -17 degrees.
  3. Ehhh... That's me actually. I am 60 yo in just a couple of months. I did watch it a long time ago. I am now watching it all on Netflix and having a reallly good time.
  4. I quite like my body type
  5. Other than Adblock Plus, why not try - Ghostery - Facebook disconnect - Google Disconnect - Twitter Disconnect ?
  6. I have an ASUS G750JX with 500GB SSD and 17.3 in screen. Works nice.
  7. inwis

    Sony Phones

    The Z1 is getting cyanogenmod cm11, which is Android 4.4.2. Only nightly builds so far. I use cm11 on my GT-I9505. The milestone releases are stable enough, no bloatware, rooted, full control, ... Cm11 made my device last for up to three days on a charge instead of one. So perhaps that could be a way to improve on battery? Wrt Sony, the D6503 seems a rather nice one.
  8. I have this behavior regardless of whether I access it via my android phone or the chrome addon. No other strange effects. I guess my dongle could have some component defect.
  9. I've had one for some time. It is always plugged into the tv as I am working my way through a number of series on netflix. I have noticed that it seems to dislike being powered 24/7 and needs to cool down now and then in order to connect properly to the network. That's bothersome...
  10. http://www.lefthandersday.com/ :) Cake after dinner tonight, of course!
  11. It was a veeery long time since i used a belt. It fits nicely in my pocket. I do use screen protection (copter) even if it affects the "swipe" feeling, although ever so slightly. I just want to make sure nothing breaks if I happen to have the door keys in the pocket also
  12. Tumble wrote on Wed, 06 June 2012 12:43Nice one Xii! Was it a blue or white one though?... It is a white one. I think it looks quite ok although my black S2 is also nice. But at this time I wanted it immediately so I'd have gone for a pink one too if that'd been the only option lol. I'm not so interested in colour or the voice capabilities tbh, so the slightly larger screen and very much better (than S2) resolution - it really is much easier to read web pages and email - was most important for me. The speaker is only very very slightly better than the crap in the S2 :/ As I also had the first Galaxy S (now one of my sons have that one) I could notice that a certain sluggishness of the UI disappeared with the S2's dual core. So I guess I will be twice as happy with quad core now
  13. I had SGS3 on "day one". Yes, they were all spoken for, but money talks I am very pleased with it and I guess one of my kids will be happy to have the old S2 The launcher still sucks so I am using the ADW launcher. Remote armory is nice with access to guild chat. The brand new TS for Android Beta is pretty cool too. I can now talk to myself in TS in the Nord channels
  14. xiindra wrote on Sat, 14 April 2012 19:34 Calyn wrote on Sat, 14 April 2012 18:44That seems to be a very common problem, so I'm certain they will come up with a solution. That sounds good - er, not that I wish for other people to have problems but it would, as you say, make a solution more probable. Actually, this has been fixed for this weekend's beta so I'm very happy.
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