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  1. zetzek wrote that comment on facebook... Evil genious...
  2. the creative ones seems worth the money since they dont cost too much and in reviews the only bad thing is not amazing music quality. I will look around a tad longer, since i have a week until i REALLLYYY need headset for gw2 release. I have been trying to find used headsets in my city on the internet which will be pretty good at a low price, but short waranty if any. NOTICE: just bought some used steelseries 4h, i will see how long they will last and then after that look into buying another. 4H seems fine for what i need at the moment. Thanks for the tips.
  3. the G35 seems to be in the 100 euro range. Was hoping for something bit cheaper. I would also prefer a microphone which can be hidden or detached.
  4. guild wars 2 will not suck before i quit! make that 3-4 years.
  5. Yesterday my lovely siberia v1 stopped working as they should. The left ear cup does not play any sound and there is no warranty on them any longer. Now im looking for some news ones and i dont want to spend too much money on them. Im looking for comfortable headsets with good sound quality in games but also when listening to music. I was thinking of going for the Steelseries 5xb or maybe try my luck and go for siberia v2 this time. Downside of 5xb is the xbox thing, i dont own a xbox and not gonna buy one anytime soon. I would like some input on good gaming headsets within my budget of 50-60 euros. Any tips?
  6. endles

    [Movie] Battleship

    the actors made me interested in the movie before i saw it. The plot made me hate the movie after i saw it. its terribad.
  7. i found out im downloading now. just played abit, its hard to find those pages! and the music makes its really scary...
  8. im scared even before i click the link...
  9. How high can you OC the 3570k if you run on the stock cooler? maybe 3.8 gigs?
  10. endles


    looks like an interesting show! i should try it out! I got bored of House M.D because i dont really understand any of the medical terms...
  11. pretty cool keyboard it sure is but i dont have 300 dorrars for it. Is it not even mechanical? Just bought a used 6G v2, pretty happy with it but the black switches are tough on my tiny sissy fingers :/
  12. that ending was very interesting! i did not expect that when i saw it... until it happened...
  13. endles

    At last :P

    is that shit fo real ?
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