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  1. this whole album is winwinwin. mix of indipopelectronics whatever. refreshing!
  2. check those guys out haha wtf how cool!
  3. one of my alltime favorites Robert Henke aka Monolake good tune for a monday evening after a long weekend..
  4. haha thats indeed one filthy drop nice!
  5. happy friday happy weekend
  6. listnen to Joost! As a starter esp. I would go for ableton live. I got a fair bit of pdf collected over the years with tips tricks etc if you want I can upload for you.
  7. Drex

    [Movie] Inside Job

    Ive seen this a while ago. I know too little of whats really going on but I think in this movie they dont have to make as many assumptions and 'if's as in the ones you mention. Fact is financial world went to shit. Cause of malfunction of certain financial setups they use, wich only work for fast personal gain, and bound to go to shit 1 day, thats what they explain without having too make too much assumptions. I remember I enjoyed it back then. Selling loans to 3th parties. The worse the situation is of the person taking the loan the more intrest they get charged. So the more the loan is worth, but same time also the more chance the loan ending up being worth zero. Diff parties investing in those 'temp worth a lot loans', to make big profit/personal bonus that year, that kinda stuff. When writing now I am like I wanna see it again.
  8. cheers for sharing florance i like it alot!
  9. not reall music. thought the guy invented it. and oldy... good fun
  10. haha great momma aint she
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