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  1. New first of the new series aired last night Season 3 - episode 1 - Seed Just about to watch it....
  2. Egwyne

    Aion - new trailer

    http://na.aiononline.com/aion-ascension-3rd-anniversary-3-5- update/?utm_source=newsletter_aion&utm_medium=email& utm_campaign=email_na_20120926&utm_content=URL
  3. Egwyne

    Best game ever

    You cans till join - just need to time it right :-)
  4. I saw this earlier - i think on Guru - anyway, great stuff - good to see small groups can out do a zerg with clever misdirection....
  5. Apparently it was made for cinemas - so I think it will have a good impact - still think thew non/game footage ratio is wrong.
  6. The ingame footage looked good, but made up around what 20% of the ad - I thought after a long time maybe it wasn't actually a GW2 trailer after all.... then the transformation into a Norn.... oh it is GW2
  7. Egwyne

    Best game ever

    The game feels awesome - The WvW zones may need to be made a little larger in the future if they want 500 per zone (the cap is way below this at present).
  8. Egwyne

    EC - WvW - Portals

    Nice video - I like watching groups get clustered into a nice tight pack and AoE'd down.... Good use of the Portals as well -
  9. Samsung are appealing the ruling - so they won't be handing over any money anytime soon.
  10. Almost finished book 4 - they have kept me away from the computer which is almost unheard of. Just wished I had found these books sooner.
  11. Egwyne

    GW2 Gangnam Style

    Usually find these dance videos a bit meh... but that was once actually pretty neat - wonder how long it took them to do.
  12. Egwyne

    Bugs on some skills?

    Had lot's of "obstacle" message when fighting with the Mesmer targeting areas/players that I can hit with other classes. Seems a little strange.
  13. I have caught up with all these this weekend - still liking the show. At times you groan and think "oh common !" but overall it's interesting and different enough to pique and keep my interest.
  14. Egwyne

    Some more info

    Kunasha wrote on Mon, 20 August 2012 21:17did you post before or after this bit? Quote:Just want to jump on this before it gets out of hand. Pretty much nothing in this post is factually correct, I'm not sure where this information came from but flat out: it's misinformed at best and a lot of it totally false. We'll absolutely have a GM team that helps support the game at live, the rest of it is partially incorrect information or just plain wrong. You'll start seeing information about our post-ship plans shortly (as early as today on some press sites) but it'll come from developers specifically. See you in game on Thursday! -Colin I had my hopes up for a second - then Colin said he was counter trolling
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