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  1. Tumble

    New World MMO

    hype hype
  2. anyone played it yet? Not had great reviews so far - people suggesting it's more like a dumbed down mobile version? Also liked the previous versions but dont wanna buy yet another game i wont play
  3. Tumble

    Borderlands 3

    Is this any good? worth picking up?
  4. Tumble

    New World MMO

    Is an awesome game, definitely will play again. Any news on next beta/release dates etc?
  5. I think this game was good... and was a fun run through. It could have been awesome though. The loot system sucked - its kinda cool being able to change the looks of your light saber but... all those parts should actually do something (increase force power, saber damage, throw range etc etc). That would have been so much more exciting than just chaning the detailed looks of something you can't even see once you start fighting stuff. Also - skill trees could have been much better. Never really felt like going in a particular direction had much value as you could just get everything fairly easily. Add more depth to the skill trees and add the above light saber mods and it would be freaking awesome. It would also add some replayability too. It was worth buying just for the story etc though, but I probably will never replay it. Think this game mixed with a few of the fall out game mechanics would be sweeeet.
  6. Yeah I understand that totally. I also have many decent games yet to play. There is something extra cool though about getting a game at the same time as the rest of the world so there are no spoilers no guides etc. The hype and trying to clear your day etc so you can play it. I guess it's similar to going to the movies vs waiting for it to come out on Netflix. Of course this often leads to disappointment when the game is rubbish. But I try and limit my hype or 1 or 2 games a year. The rest I get on sale as is probably more sensible !
  7. Hype - just pre-loading... https://yourcountdown.to/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order FYI - got this on cdkeys.com for £37 which is about 32% discount i think! Got the key through immediately and accepted by Origin. Just in case anyone else doesnt want to pay the massive stream price
  8. Tumble

    WoW: Classic

    Definitely going to be late to the party unfortunately. Probably wont make it on till friday evening. In reality probably a more efficient use of my time given the queues etc although I do have fond memories of sitting in TS with everyone queuing!
  9. Tumble

    WoW: Classic

    seems someone grabs my name so I'm Tumblez currently ;) Also checked my work calendar today and noticed I was already off work all week (moment of joy)… then realised it look it off to go away somewhere with the family.... So I might be a late starter ;)
  10. Tumble

    WoW: Classic

    seemsd you only get 3 across all servers, so i just doing shazzrah for now!
  11. Tumble

    WoW: Classic

    Was a note on the log in screen - but re-reading it now it could just be referring to all realms (oopps)
  12. Tumble

    WoW: Classic

    looks like the wipe was extended to Wednesday 14th. Some extra time for anyone wanting to test anything and/or set up addons etc. Guess that means the name reserving is later too?
  13. I've played both Horde & Alliance. Initially leveled as horde (enhance shaman) but then later server transferred to play with the Nord folks who were playing alliance (by that time shamans should be the big blue dudes) and i switch to Ele/Resto I then leveled a character on Alliance to do the story etc. Most fun I had through various characters on both sides was actually alliance gnome, they're super fun. So for this - I'm cool either way. Pvp underdog will likely be most fun I imagine and seems like there are a few that only want horde. (would be a shame if anyone is forced to go at it alone due to faction choice though! I'll maybe try priest this time round.
  14. Just out of interest (no judgement or objection or nowt) - what are the reasons for being like 'horde only'? Is it just story line / character models etc or is it because alliance has a high population or something? Maybe for the horde specific class? just interested - I'm cool either way.
  15. Tumble

    WoW: Classic

    If there is one key takeaway from all these mmos we've played over the years, it's that the gfx are cool for the first few hours but after it’s mostly about the game play and who are you playing with! My opinion anyway (particularly after recently playing everquest again for like a year)
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