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  1. Metro 2033 free this weekend on Steam
  2. I got this but not had much chance to play yet. First impressions is that is seems to evolved a bit from BG2 to more like Divinity OS, which is cool for me as a like that series. Some other folks might not like that though. That said it must be 15 years or something since i played BG2 so its all a bit hazy. Pleased with it so far. Up for some coop in the future.
  3. I linked one a few posts back that is probably the best bang for buck at the moment. Think I'm going to try one. Currently on banggood flash sale for £384 (must be about 420 euro?). Seems to get good reviews so far although clearly if you're bothered about having a more well known brand this might not be the one for you
  4. Eneloops are great - use them for my camera flashes etc
  5. Quick decision there David! Have been looking at monitors also - anyone tried the XIAOMI 34" 1440p (144hz) via banggood? Build quality etc certainly not going to be as good as some of the others mentioned but is much cheaper - it was on sale a few weeks back for just under £400 (i guess maybe 450 euro). Seems to get decent reviews https://www.banggood.com/Original-XIAOMI-Curved-Gaming-Monitor-34-Inch-21-9-Bring-Fish-Screen-144Hz-High-Refresh-Rate-1500R-Curvature-WQHD-3440+1440-Resolution-121-pencent-sRGB-Wide-Color-Gamut-Free-Sync-Technology-Display-p-1582948.html?gmcCountry=CZ&currency=USD&createTmp=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc_ods&utm_campaign=nancy-197s-sdsrm-jewelry-content&utm_content=nancy&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwuD7BRDBARIsAK_5YhWi_cWIQZehUPiEhRYZLRI4N20TkycUqPaukBiz-RxUjYAosrrJa_kaAi3rEALw_wcB&ID=224&cur_warehouse=CN
  6. Nice! Had a bit of a giggle and the 750% increase in sales of the 'xbox one x' on the presale launch day! Wonder how many people actually thought they were pre-ording the 'xbox series x'
  7. I didn't have an xbox one actually - i missed a generation. Maybe i should look for a cheap one though to benefit from this (although not sure I want the kids to have an xbox in their room just yet!)
  8. Yeah maybe. I was going use game and do the 24 month deal similar to what you do. But the site put me into an hour+ queue at 8:01am and then an hour later the site completely crashed and was down most of the day it seemed. Managed to buy one normally via amazon (had to keep refreshing screen). Thought i'd cancel it if i got through the game route, but glad i did it now. You get 3 months all access @ 40% of the costs so made up from the small saving you make. And now if I get bored of the all access I can cancel it I guess.
  9. Yep - I did manage to preorder an Xbox Series X this morning, although they did seem to sell out after about 20 mins!
  10. Interesting news today! Might make a decision for those trying to decide between the latest Xbox series X or PS5 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/54233235
  11. Tumble

    Ashes of Creation

    Anyone watch the live 'Ask My Anything' stream thing yesterday? Being a little careful not to jump on the hype train but this sounds pretty sweet.
  12. Thanks Coots - think you are the GL still. I was incredibly suprised how many people are playing this game actually. It feels more active than when we originally played it. Havent bought the latest expansion but I may do if it keeps me interested for a while
  13. Anyone still playing this? Started a new character a couple of days ago it seems really cool! If anyone still has it installed that that promote me in the guild would be cool. Currently inactive and cant use the bank etc.
  14. anyone played it yet? Not had great reviews so far - people suggesting it's more like a dumbed down mobile version? Also liked the previous versions but dont wanna buy yet another game i wont play
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