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  1. Adee

    Conan Exiles

    Only 70 players per server though, that might go up at a later date
  2. Adee

    New years meat

    I want your meat in my mouth Ern yum yum
  3. HAHA Cogy you caught me, i needed some fps action. There is some fun to be had in BF1 but i still think its not as good as other BF games
  4. This is just star wars battlefront with a new skin, cant believe what there doing to this franchise, and i fucking hate planes spawning in the sky
  5. Adee

    Blade n soul

    im downloading now , when does it start for the free players.
  6. Adee

    [TV-Show] Mr. Robot

    Just watched 6 episodes back to back, love how fucked up he is
  7. Adee

    Windows 10

    on mine there is an extra option above "based on my usage" that says "as items arrive", try scrolling up to see if you have it
  8. Looks like batman might be the baddie for part of the movie
  9. I couldn't help but notice your pain, it runs deep share it with me.
  10. The first 4 episodes have been leaked, i watched them all yesterday.
  11. Preloaded and ready to go
  12. Adee

    The Flash

    Anyone else been watching this, its getting better as the series goes on. Last episode had mark hammil as the trickster and he gets to use the line "i am your father" lol
  13. Im getting it for pc, should look nice.
  14. Did you do the firmware update for the drive, from what i remember you had to do it otherwise the drive would stop working after a certain amount of hrs use. This might be the problem your having as you leave you machine on all the time. I got the exact same drive btw, thats why i did the update on mine even though i dont leave my machine on so was unlikely to hit the ammount of hrs needed for the problem to start
  15. Batman v Superman teaser Bad quality but worth a look, i cant wait for this one http://vimeo.com/101979985
  16. Navel strike is like 2142 titan mode but just not quite as good, it will do for now though and the maps are nice.
  17. im currently really enjoying the navel stike maps, i think they are some of the best ever and with the netcode patch things are running alot better, still not perfect but much more playable.
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