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  1. I dont like Robben... just that
  2. Enlighten me!!!! And so if its "girly", I'm ok with that
  3. I am not Cog!!! uhh.. btw, my beloved deck was white and red . I mean.. who can not love Serra Angels!
  4. Long time since I played, but took it home on the phone the other day...
  5. Haha, is the coffe machine still around?
  6. Scratch it, I think we found the answers . Stupid network at both our jobs shuts out all sorts of gaming boards, was a tad easier from home oh, and hi to you too Gromk (though not sure who you might be from the past )
  7. Hi Gartblabla On a more serious note, we did stresstest on euro server, will that cause a problem picking a NA server at launch (pre-launch)? Trying to find out this thing about one-time-and-for-ever picking server...
  8. Small and in baby-blue colored plate...
  9. Damn right David blame it on Marcane being hm.. Halfling warrior if I recall right . Fastas, nice to see you too!
  10. As me and Chris finally decided to jump on the GW2 train, we decided to check up if you guys where gonna play there, what server and maybe even apply. Then I ran into the applicationform and just felt that it was a bad idea trying to put down 13 years of mmo'ing, guild history, why, where and what from work on an ipad.. . We will check back though to see what server you are ending up on . See you later! Mia & Chris Probably more known as: Wilwarin & Slie Fox - EQ FR
  11. Aww Garta! I'm so sorry (not) *fond smile*
  12. Hehe Makrill, then you gotta be on Asmodian side as our Team has started on Elyos.
  13. Hello guys! This is a hello from the pretty old couple Wilwarin and SlieFox. Maybe some of you remember us from EverQuest and Forsaken Realm. As we were reading up on what guilds we were up against and with in Aion, we found Ginnunga and got curious to see if it might be the "old EverQuest people". Indeed it was so I figured I'd stop by the forum to say hello . Our guild and coalition will be on Perento too, so might see you there Wil and Slie
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