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  1. why don't you log in your Grindr account to check?
  2. zyphi

    Blood Bowl 2

    so blood bowl 1. buying as we speak
  3. i hope it beats the outstanding game baldurs gate and baldurs gate 2 was. So many good memories about those games. But if there is any studio atm that can make such games its larian. Still wish i applied earlier to them for an internship when i was still at school.
  4. zyphi

    WoW: Classic

    There is of course always better zones than others(cant remember anymore when to do which zone), but to be honest the leveling with others, and fighting with the other side for a silly monster was the most fun i had. Level 60 i would assume is going to be max at start, its just a number. You will be able to do the boring part(1023412340x same dungeon for a piece of equipment) plenty of hours, so enjoy the fun part as well ;).
  5. age of wonders 3 is free on steam at the moment. Not sure if it is a timed event or not, thought ill drop it here.
  6. zyphi

    Albion Online

    id say go with your gut feeling. @Lyngs. that will also be 50 euro's, thanks.
  7. zyphi

    Albion Online

    interesting that some are playing it again now. Played it for at least a year after all of you left, was in SUN pretty good guild/alliance and managed to get all the things done. Anyway enough about me and my lovely achievements, just wanted to say if you got any questions you can always yell. Pretty sure i can answer most of not all of them.
  8. firefox has dev tools as well? at least last time i did front end it had.
  9. zyphi

    Conan Exiles

    that looks rather cool tho muumuu!
  10. good thing is tho, you can just hotjoin later. That also means if someone in the future can't play, we can just continue and let the computer play a bit for that person. Or the game would take way to long.
  11. peeps on, on saturday either during the day or evening? to give it a start?
  12. Anyway if people want to make a start, i can do some this weekend. Just remember that a game would probably take months of actual play time . So need to set some goals, on who and what is the winning condition.
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