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  1. What a pleasant surprise this game was. I started playing with no expectations at all, and found out it's actually a really good game. It looks fantastic, in fact it's probably one of the best looking games I've seen, and yet it works flawlessly on my computer (which I put together on a pretty tight budget about a year ago) on high settings. Makes me wonder why WoW has such crappy, dated graphics, and yet occasionally runs so badly. I'm not a big fan of the Batman franchise. The story and dialogue in this game are nothing to write home about, but everything else is extremely fun. The combat, the sneaking, the gadgets. I highly recommend getting this game.
  2. Shame it's completely unscientific drivel. The direction of the water has nothing to do with the Coriolis effect and everything to do with the way he pours it Sorry to piss on the parade
  3. Reck

    [Movie] District 9

    I enjoyed it very much
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