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    Bioshock 2

    Enjoying it so far, although comparing to the original game it seems a lot like more of the same. Except instead of a wrench you have a drill
  2. Agreed! I was close to being a bit disappointed with the show a few times but it never managed to lose my interest
  3. The first season was such pure gold that I've been hooked since. There's nothing they could do that would make me stop watching it!
  4. So the season premiere of Lost's 6th season aired. It's the last season and things just get more complicated. Toggle Spoiler A parallel reality? Some weird temple people with magical healing powers? Whaaat? If they manage to wrap this all up so that it still makes sense (and not just some "it was all a dream" type of cop-out ending either), It's going to be pretty awesome.
  5. Reck

    bungee prank

    That shit is just pure evil. Can't imagine what was going through that guy's head when that happened
  6. Reck

    [TV-Serie] Chuck

    I'm glad this show is back! Good stuff
  7. I like this, I was never a huge fan of NIN but I've grown to like a lot of their stuff. Shame about them going away/taking a break.
  8. Reck


    Appears you can't block whispers like with TS2. Weird.
  9. Reck

    [Movie] Avatar

    No masterpiece by any means but it looked damn nice, well worth seeing.
  10. I somehow managed to completely fall off the train sometime during season 2, i've backtracked way back to the end of season 1 to catch back up to what was going on. I must've fallen asleep during some of the episodes or something but I suddenly realized I had no clue what was going on in this show
  11. Reck

    [TV-Series] Castle

    Started watching after I realized it's got Nathan Fillion in it (bring back firefly..) Enjoying it thus far
  12. Reck

    [Movie] 2012

    Somehow I wasn't surprised to find out the director is the same dude behind "the day after tomorrow"
  13. Just finished it (finally, was playing on a difficulty level way above my nooby shooter skills) Was good, felt like it ended a little bit prematurely, though. Good nonetheless.
  14. I'm not too into shooters but I did enjoy Modern Warfare and this sequel is no exception. Good stuff!
  15. Reck

    [TV-Serie] V

    This show makes me want to rewatch Firefly again! (and lost!) First episode was interesting, I'll keep watching for sure
  16. Reck

    [Movie] Avatar

    I hate it when people use words like "masterpiece" lightly
  17. I remember when this was on TV but I never watched it. Probably will now!
  18. Reck

    [Movie] Moon

    Ernesto wrote on ons, 28 oktober 2009 13:39I thought it was rather boring to be honest, no message, no dialogue, no excitement, not much of anything other than boring. I need brown pants to enjoy this one. I thought it had all of those things! And great music!
  19. Reck

    [Movie] Moon

    Just watched it. Very good! Highly recommended! (There's a decent torrent out there now)
  20. Reck

    [TV SERIES] The Fixer

    I could use one! niklasaulen@gmail.com
  21. This show is endlessly compared to lost, which now has me interested, being a big fan of lost. Even has 3 cast members that had roles in it. I'll definitely be giving this a shot
  22. Reck

    [Movie] Moon

    What is that, like a placeholder page for when the thing becomes available? Doesn't seem to be an actual product
  23. Reck

    [Movie] Moon

    Now here's a movie I really want to see. http://movies.apple.com/movies/sony/moon/moon_h.640.mov?widt h=640&height=268 (Trailer, requires quicktime) Unfortunately it's not playing in any movie theaters in Finland, and there are no torrents besides a few odd ones that are dubbed in Spanish (what's up with that?) Seems like a great film, the reviews reflect this. Can't wait for a good torrent to start circulating! edit: Hah, apparently the director is the son of David Bowie, did not realize that before I happened to just check his wikipedia entry. I've been listening to the soundtrack which is composed by the great Clint Mansell (The man behind this little tune). Good stuff!
  24. Sigge wrote on son, 04 oktober 2009 11:07It's actually Mark Hamilton, aka LUKE!, that does the Joker voices. Whoa, I did not realize this
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