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    Walking Dead

    Very promising start
  2. Nope, still pretty deep in there.
  3. Good for him for walking out. What did she expect she'd get by continuing to pry into the subject even after he warned her that he'd walk. Sort of related: all the deaths revealed from the wikileaks documents placed on a map.
  4. If you live alone, yes. But if you have someone over who would then use that milk, you have to inform them that the milk cartons have been contaminated. If you live with someone else, no no no.
  5. You know how sometimes show names get abbreviated to just the first word due to a lack of character space. Works well with this show. Very descriptive.
  6. If you've listened to the Ricky Gervais show, or in general are a fan of Ricky Gervais's (The Office, Extras) kind of humour, and especially laughing at the idiocy (and hidden genius) of Karl Pilkington, you'll enjoy this show. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send Karl Pilkington around the world to see the wonders of the world, just for the hell of seeing him whinge and complain about having to do it. I've enjoyed watching this, it's not just any travel program, it's from the unique perspective of Karl Pilkington, the man with a head like a fucking orange. (If you haven't listened to the Ricky Gervais Show, you're missing out).
  7. A show starring David Cross and Will Arnett (both best known from Arrested Development). If you liked Arrested Development as much as I did, that's probably enough to get you to watch this show. There was a pilot of this aired a while ago before it was actually picked up to air, and now, thankfully, it has! The premise is that Cross's character (Todd Margaret) by chance gets chosen by an oblivious corporate higher-up (Will Arnett) at his company to be sent to england to start a branch that markets crappy korean energy drinks. Obviously things don't go very smoothly for Todd, and funny situations ensue. The show is more in a The Office-esque, awkward situations style than like Arrested Developement. Cross (also a writer for the show) is great as always, and very funny. Arnett sadly only has a minor role. (COME ON!) Funny show with potential!
  8. I cannot get enough of this song. Bluegrass at it's best!
  9. Reck

    Boardwalk Empire

    I dunno, after the second episode I definitely think he's very good for the whole sleazy corrupt politician role!
  10. Reck


    Season premiere was a boring character development episode. Next episode's probably better
  11. Reck

    Boardwalk Empire

    I thought he was really good
  12. Reck

    Boardwalk Empire

    Mohaiken wrote on Fri, 24 September 2010 20:19i got bored while watching this. I guess there wasn't enough of the aforementioned guns, booze and tits
  13. Here's the trailer Toggle Spoiler And here's the gameplay demo in better quality http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ten-minute-demo-bioshock-i nfinite/704932 Looks to be a fair bit more on the surrealistic side compared to Bioshock 1. Not that I mind. Looks very awesome indeed, the visuals of the city are just jawdropping. Cog, bioshock 1 is a very good game. Great story, great atmosphere, very fun in general. Bioshock 2 is a piece of shit typical money milking game sequel. Not worth touching. But Bioshock 1 is well worth playing!
  14. Meh. It was entertaining enough. I'd give it 2
  15. Reck

    [TV Show] Sherlock

    I've got to agree about the 90min format being nice. Don't see enough (any?) shows doing that, except this
  16. Reck


    For a while I thought there was something wrong with my eyes, then I realized you'd made the envelopes all fuzzy
  17. Reck

    [TV Show] Sherlock

    Just watched the first episode. Pretty good stuff!
  18. Reck

    [Movie] Inception

    A sequel would ruin it!
  19. Reck

    [Movie] Inception

    Very good! Best of the year for sure. Toggle Spoiler Loved how the last few seconds manage to make you question the entire plot
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