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  1. I need to level my priest so we have healers for raids. I could keep the raid up alone if I was up to it, but I'll let reck have some of the fun.
  2. saurfang is just brute force dps encounter whereas deathwhisper actually needs some execution to be doable, wich is hard when PEOPLE DON'T ATTEND
  3. Zaphyr


    needs moar interwebs connection to use this 2m won't be enough for this shit!
  4. Zaphyr

    Starcraft 2

    So, Calyn do tell, who do I have to sex to get a fucking beta key? Do I have to post the specs of my girlfriends laptop to the battlenet to be able to get one? (Its.. not that good a computer.)
  5. Blood princes is somewhat different too, I think I'm having nightmares of it.
  6. Zaphyr


    Muuman wrote on Fri, 19 February 2010 18:44Found it! RAAAAGGHH RAAARHHH I'm NOW SUPERSAYAN 3! Dunno, like the manga, hate the anime It was awesome at first but as usual on most of the longer series, fillers kicked in, then came shippuuden and it was like ZOMG. But well, from what I've heard the fillers are back and it's shit as usual :E It was a heaven on earth to read the manga from the beginning without any of those damn filler episodes! I recommend trying
  7. Zaphyr

    Starcraft 2

    fox, you made a typo there "QQ wheres zaphyr's SC beta key"
  8. Yeah, rotface was 1 shot, got the weekly done on there too, wich we found pretty hilarious
  9. Muuman wrote on Wed, 17 February 2010 08:05We'd killed Lk25 yesterday if it wasnt for ultimate, we all blame ultimate I'm not good to be even a scapegoat? Fuck you Muuman, just Fuck you.
  10. All I can say that W7 volume control stuff is a fucking maze, took me 50 minutes to find a damn mic boost button. Try doing everything you can imagine while there (right click everything etc) that way I managed to find the mic boost button .
  11. Allright, so I decided to order Razer Tarantula, why? Simply beacausy I don't have time to wait 2 weeks for new keyboard since my army service begins after 14 days "" but from the picture it seemed kinda similiar, will be posting here after I've tried it out. Fucking city and our awesome shops absolutely NO gaming keyboards in whole city! Razer Lycosa had 2 weeks delivery time beacause its ran out from the place I usually order my computer stuff :E
  12. Janne wrote on Sun, 27 December 2009 23:15buy a nerppa keyboard. everytime it starts to act up, you can always open the vodka bottle! then that keyboard happens to be a nerppa keyboard, everytime it does something annoying it makes me want to open a vodka bottle.
  13. So, my good ol' G15 decided to fuck itself up and do everything like it shouldn't (for example, backspace works allways as back button, even in folders etc, if I'm on a textfield like this, it takes me back to the site I was before coming here, and now I also noticed that my DELETE button works as F7 button, cool feature eh?, it has become time to buy a new keyboard, since In frustration I've been beating this up so much that my fist is starting to hurt (frustration caused by this fucking shithole keyboard.) and nobody wants to be hurt so it has come time to beat this to the gates of tuonela. EDIT: It does this on every browser, googled it and it seems that these keyboards start acting like this when they are starting to have their final days. This is what I've been thinking of getting, if there is any experiences of this, please share, beacause sharing is caring! http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards/razer-lycosa/razer -lycosa-keyboard
  14. Qsp wrote on Thu, 17 December 2009 11:25It's a MacBook ... What can you expect? It's just a proper way to treat one. I would have shot it too actually.
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