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  1. Coots

    Return of Reckoning

    I have some chars, but have not logged in for at least half a year, maybe more.
  2. New World -25% until Dec 1. = 30 € https://store.steampowered.com/app/1063730/New_World/ Flawed but fun
  3. mmhh, when is the release again? Maybe I will be too busy having fun in New World 😃 I will buy it anyways but right now BF hype is like this 8=> and new world hype is 8=====> ~
  4. Somehow not hyped (yet). That will maybe change when they show more game play. Will most likely pick it up anyway :p
  5. I just checked and was able to promote you. I am not in the other 2 Guilds we had anymore (Crafters and Traders) but I think there was not much in those guildbanks anyways or it is probably very outdated and not usefull anymore. Last time I played this was with the Elf expansion, (so 2 expansions (?) ago). The game has so much content. Also helps that they changed the zones / lvl. ( mobs are scaled to your lvl). Cyrodil was still laggy, still is - from what i heard and probably always will be.
  6. I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, but have not done anything yet. I will log in later and see if I can promote you. Not sure if I still can, it has been awhile.
  7. It warms my old cranky heart that all of you stopp by in the Battlefield thread to say hello
  8. There does not seem to be much hype for this game. We did run a full squad a couple of days. But now Meilink is MIA. Ern is Ern. And I have not figured out Dansul's playing time. - Forever alone ! I do have a lot of fun though. Definitely as much as in BF3 maybe even as much as in BC2.
  9. Was my first knife kill, too. And what a surprise it was.
  10. I am enjoying this a lot. Feels a lot more like the old Battlefield games (BF2 / 3 BC2). Removal of spotting makes flanking viable again.
  11. Can't decide which new elite spec to get excited about
  12. No, I don't have Overwatch. It seems to be a good/popular game, but when I watched some youtube/twitch videos it somehow did not get me excited, don't know why.
  13. Spring Update: https://www.battlefield.com/news/update-notes/spring-update They brought back Platoons, so in case anyone else is playing BF1 , I created a Ginnunga Platoon - feel free to join
  14. Coots

    Blade n soul

    Achievement unlocked : "Obliviously happy" - Being hyped about a game without noticing the corresponding forum section for 2 weeks.
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