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  1. It's a AMD A6-3410MX with 6GB of ram
  2. No idea, I have mine plugged in to my USB port for power.
  3. It's Plex that gives juddery playback and AllCast is Android only. Will try the top one thank you.
  4. You could offer to help install it for her while you sneakily set up CCTV in her shower. I do need you to get one so you can help me find a better way to cast movies from my laptop. As much as I want a Nexus 10 I can't afford one so I need to use my laptop for now
  5. Exactly. You guys play games at their absolute worse, in beta and release, then quit after two months. Guild Wars 2 is such a good game now compared to all the bugs and failings at release and it would be free for everyone to play
  6. Netster


    Kaskas I would strongly recommend you never watch Star Wars. You will literally shit a brick.
  7. Oh comedy censoring. I'm basically like a forum Father Christmas bringing joy to all. Just because I'm not falling for all this new game nonsense doesn't mean I can't be here hoping you all have a good time. Last time I let you talk me into playing a game it was fucking Star Wars, £60 on a game that was basically an app (Huttball) surrounded by a sea of shite. I know better now. Also, I'm too busy trying to get stuff to play on my Chromecast to mess about with elves and orcs.
  8. This thread has ____, _____, _____ and joy. I haven't even been censored yet.
  9. I was worried about this as Carl Sagan is one of my heroes. It's actually pretty good. I think all the CGI is a bit unnecessary though. Good to see something that stands up to all the religious controls in America, especially as it's on Fox. There's a wonderful segment in the first episode where the host talks about Carl Sagan, definitely the highlight of the first three episodes for me.
  10. Let's not forget that the important thing here is that I have mine. We can all relax now.
  11. They're all sanctioned and the app that was originally disabled is called AllCast. It was re-enabled last month when Google released the SDK. I as getting my app information from here http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/mar/25/google-chromecast-best-apps The problems all seem to be my fault from having my media on a Win 7 laptop rather than a problem with Chromecast itself. As I said the playback of MP3 and MP4 files through VideoStream is as good as with an HDMI cable, it's just that stuff like mkv files is choppy through Plex because without the Win 8 app it's not optimised. The Plex app is listed as £3 but it's actually free for the media centre and cast functions now. It sucks though as it tries to match all your media up with known titles so you find random crap you've downloaded is suddenly named after some 1980's soap opera with a picture of the VHS cover as an icon. Also, unlike Videostream, it plays the video on the laptop at the same time as it's playing on the TV screen which is what seems to cause the choppiness in playback.
  12. Videostream only plays MP3 and MP4. RealMedia Cloud is only really useful as a Windows 8 app. In Win 7 you have to upload every video to the cloud before casting, Plex does not optimise playback and you cast by casting the Chrome tab. Basically all of them work by playing your media in a Chrome tab. Need Videolan to work on Chromecast capatibility This is for a laptop obviously, for a tablet or phone you can just use AllCast,
  13. Yes like I said you can cast individual tabs. Then just open another tab to do other things in. The movie is not actually playing on the laptop once it appears on the TV screen, that tab simply becomes the remote as such for volume and a slider for skipping backwards and forwards through the content. Nothing else you do on the laptop will appear on the TV unless you "cast" that tab too.
  14. I was going to order online but then Cog ordered online so I went to an actual shop and there were people there and everything. Was a bit like the 80's really. I got one! It's really easy to set up. I used a laptop to link it to the wi-fi router. The Chromecast extension for Chrome puts a little Chromecast icon at the top of your tab and you can just click that to throw the whole tab up on the tv screen. From Chrome it puts the whole tab up but I think an Android device only shows the video. You can cast a single tab from Chrome to the screen while doing whatever you want in other tabs which is a great idea. I downloaded a Chrome extension called Videostream which seems to be playing all my stored videos with no problems, no stuttering etc From my Nexus 5 the Chromecast app is more integrated with video apps than on the laptop. With Youtube for example it puts the Chromecast button next to the share icon above a video and you just click it to put the video on the tv screen. You can queue up videos on Youtube so you could make a long playlist I guess, cast it, then close Youtube on your phone to save battery power, then it all just plays on the tv. Also, like my Nexus, all software updates just automatically happen for you which I love. I guess if you have a tablet instead of a laptop with all your media on it that may be preferable as there is an Android app called Allcast which is supposed to be the best for casting stored and non-streaming content, unfortunately this is not available on Chrome. A lot of the reviews on Youtube were made 8 months ago with the US release and many of the faults they found have been addressed with a plethora of app releases. Really impressed with it and it's only £30. Some kind of fucking sorcery must be involved. Disclaimer: I have only had this for 30 minutes so I could be reporting problems in the near future
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